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Welcome back, Icarus!

I know… I know how long it’s been since I’ve written. And I have no excuses – only apologies. But I’m back, friends – and I’ve missed y’all more than you know!

So, let’s see… Where do I even begin? It was a fairly rough winter for both Mommy and me. I didn’t know that Southern California winters could get cold enough for me to need a blanket at night! Not all winter, of course… but there were definitely some cold snaps! Even the spring has been riddled with rainy days, chilly nights, allergies and injuries… But I’m officially back to work, getting back into shape, and I’ll be ready to start hitting up some competitions this summer!

A Birthday Bash, or: Finally, Adulthood

In March I turned 8 years old, and I’m sure you know what that means… don’t you?

It means that I have to put away my “foalish” ways and act like a mature adult (even if I don’t feel like one!) But Mommy keeps telling everyone that her “little boy is growing up,” and I think that’s a pretty good indication that I’m successfully faking my way through “adulthood!”



But that’s not to say that it’s all seriousness all the time, though. You know my Mommy… she loves to have fun and be silly, and she’d never deny me that joy!



For my eighth birthday, Mommy baked me a carrot cake decorated with frosting and carrot sticks. It was delicious!


And I have to admit that I’m glad Mommy didn’t get me a silly party hat this year, like she has every year prior. This time when she insisted on giving me a “party hat,” I told her I would just wear a normal, cool hat – because I was the life of the party, anyway!

Thankfully, she agreed – and I got to pick the hat that I wanted to wear.

So, naturally, I stole the one right off of Mommy’s head!


Making Friends and Influencing… Kitties?

Since the last time we spoke, I’ve done so many fun things and met so many new friends.

Mommy and I have gone on some trail rides with new friends…



…and we’ve even gone on trail rides alone!


I became close friends with Miss Olive Kitty…



And I have to admit… she’s kind of my girlfriend now. We’ve been going steady since the winter. We were friends for a while before that, but there was one particularly rainy week when our bond just rapidly grew. Olive and I were both pretty bummed about the weather. And I know that we need the rain, but rainy days – and especially rainy weeks – mean that we can’t work or even go outside to play. And in Southern California, rainy winter days are usually pretty chilly, too!


I get to see Olive every day, and it makes me happy that she and Mommy get along, too. Because, you know, sometimes “the parent” and “the significant other” don’t get along all that well! But we three – we’re a happy little family.


 I even got to start giving lessons to one of my friends, a girl named Madi! She’s much younger than Mommy, but she rides me just like Mommy does, and I love getting to jump and have fun with her! 


Now, even though I’ve been having a blast and loving my life, not everything I’ve done has been fun. Sometimes, there are things we have to do that aren’t fun, but they’re still necessary.

Like getting my feet trimmed and having new shoes tacked on…


And going to the dentist… (Or, in my case, having the dentist come to me!)



Although, I have to say, I’m incredibly lucky because my farrier, Tim Shannon (from Tim’s Horseshoeing in Southern California) is the BEST farrier in the WORLD – and he’s really nice!

And my dentist – who is also my vet, Tiffany K. Porter, D.V.M. – is one of Mommy’s oldest friends, and she’s also really, really nice! And that definitely helps to make those “necessary evils” a lot less “evil.”

Getting Back in the Game 

Now, I haven’t been jumping all that much lately, because (in true “Icchy” form, of course) I’ve been repeatedly getting hurt and having to heal… even getting some “hay fever” type allergy attacks and having to take more time off… And every time I take time off, I have to take even more time to get back into shape. But Mommy and I have been back to our normal workout schedule for a while now, and we’re both getting pretty fit… So I think we’ll be jumping again very soon! And when we do, I’ll be sure to write and tell you all about it, maybe even with some photos and videos! (And don’t worry… I won’t take another year to do it!)

Well, friends, it’s been so nice talking to you again… I missed you. I really did. I’m sorry again that I was gone for so long, but I’ll talk to y’all soon… And that’s a promise!

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My Sunday Surprise!

Friends, I found out today what the amazing surprise was that my Mommy has been planning for me! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Okay, so: remember yesterday, when I told you that I thought the surprise was a trail ride? Well, I was half-correct. Or, I was correct, but there was more!

Wait, wait, wait. Let me back up a second. Do you remember when I told you the other day that I was going to be moving to a new home soon? And then I told you the story about how I left my best friend, Cooper, in New York, and made my way down the Florida?

Right. Well, since I’m moving to a new barn soon – and because it’s so close to where my home is, now – my Mommy arranged to have me take a day trip to my new home! She and Daddy met a really nice human there named Jenny, and they all became friends. I hadn’t met Jenny until today, but she asked my Mommy if we all wanted to come over for a ride. Jenny is so nice, that she and her two kids and their dog came with a horse trailer to pick me up! I walked right onto the trailer without hesitating, because you know how I love to travel. I got a little nervous as we pulled away, though, because I heard Isis and Leo start to yell and whinny to me. They sounded very upset, and – briefly – I wondered if I was going to come back. But then I calmed down and realized that I was probably coming back soon, because Mommy wouldn’t make me leave without letting me say goodbye to my friends.

Anyway, we got to my new home, and it was beautiful. It was so big and there was so much grass! I was pretty nervous, though, because it’s been a long time since I left my barn and went on an outing. In fact, since I moved from my first barn in Tennessee to the one where I now live, I haven’t left the property even once! And it’s been almost a year!

So, needless to say, I was a bit wound up. I could see that Mommy was trying to stay calm, even though I was freaking out, screaming, and dragging her all over the property. (Mommy, if you’re reading this – I’m sorry!) She told me that I really tested her patience today… and I know it’s true.

Mommy decided to put me in the round pen and let me trot and canter a little to get out some of my nervous energy. She didn’t even have to chase me; I worked myself out until I felt better, and then I came right over to her.

I think I'm getting tired now, Mommy...

I think I’m getting tired now, Mommy…

We walked up to the barn, and she hooked me up in the cross ties to groom me and tack me up. I didn’t hold still; I pranced and pawed and screamed, and I even thought about trying to kick her when she asked me to pick up my feet so she could clean them… but then I thought better of it, and I didn’t. Once she got my saddle on, she went to get my bridle and I started pawing at the pavement in front of the cross ties. I was pawing so hard, Jenny got nervous that I would hurt myself and she untied me, and held me until Mommy came back over. By that time, I had worked myself up into hysterics again with my own senseless pawing – so Mommy thanked Jenny and took me back down to the round pen for one more little gallop.

I felt a lot better after my second gallop, so Mommy finished tacking me up and got on. And that’s when the real fun began!

There were seven other horses – including the horse my Daddy was riding, and the pony named Rocky, who helped me out a lot – and we all went to explore the property together!

One of the first things we did was to gallop up a really big hill. It was so much fun! The other horses started galloping, and I wanted really badly to follow – but as soon as I tried, I tripped, and then I got a little nervous. I wasn’t sure what to do, until Mommy told me to go – so I did! I galloped up the hill and felt like a king when I reached the top!

A little while later, we got to this field that was fenced off and had some cross-country jumps inside. Mommy always says she’s scared of cross country jumps when they’re big, but these ones were pretty small – so we eventually got to jump them. But first, Mommy cantered me around and around the field, asking me to collect and extend and do flying lead changes until I was tired and much calmer. Then, we walked some – and after that, I got to jump! It was so much fun! We jumped all the little jumps first, and then we jumped the bigger jumps, which were right next to the little ones.

Daddy’s horse was nice, but she didn’t really want to jump the jumps. Daddy kept trying, though, and he ended up getting her to go over them nicely. She is really pretty… I liked watching her, even though it made me jealous to see my Daddy looking so good on another horse. But it’s okay; she can totally still be my friend.

Wow, Daddy... You and Casson look great!

Wow, Daddy… You and Casson look great!

We went up another big hill, and came to this weird, scary old barn with a boat in it. No one else seemed to care that it was there, but I thought it was pretty scary.


Come on, guys! Someone come with me! That barn is scary!

We all had to get back down the other side of the hill, which was really steep. Mommy asked Rocky’s rider – Lily, Jenny’s daughter – if she’d mind going down the hill ahead of us, because Rocky and Lily are really good at helping to keep horses calm when they’re nervous out on the trail. And I sure was nervous! I must have bumped into Rocky about ten times, but he didn’t mind. He just kept a steady pace, and Lily even reached out to pet my nose and tell me I was being a good boy! That made me happy; I was trying really hard to be a good boy.

After that, we went out into a bigger field with even more cross country jumps! And then another one, and then another one! The last field was HUGE and had more jumps, which were also bigger. That one was the most fun because I got to gallop around really fast, and I only had to slow down and collect when Mommy wanted me to jump another one of the jumps.

Once Mommy and I had jumped almost all the jumps – big and small – in that big field, my new auntie Jenny told Mommy to jump me over something called a “Trakehner” jump, which I learned is a terrible, awful jump! The most awful jump in the whole wide world! You see, it’s a log – not a tall one, just a log – that’s sitting over a ditch with water running through it. And I can see the water. And I can hear the water. But you know what the kicker was? I had to go down a hill to jump it, and when I landed, I was going right back up a hill again! I felt like I was going to trip and fall in every time I went to jump it. I stopped the first time Mommy asked me to jump it, but then I swallowed my fear and leapt over it!

And then, of course, Mommy wanted me to jump it again… in the other direction. I did not want to do that. So, I stopped again. About four more times!

My auntie Jenny stayed near us on her horse, Trevor, and coached Mommy through it. I was really glad when Jenny suggested that my Mommy trot me up to it, instead of cantering, because it gave me time to look at it and get myself prepared. I will tell you one thing; I was not going to touch that jump!



Everyone cheered and hollered for us when we did it, and Mommy pulled a treat from her secret stash (in her back pocket) and gave it to me. I was so proud of myself!

We galloped up a couple more hills, and then we got to the best darn hill that I’ve ever galloped up! It was really steep, and really long! Trevor went first, and he hauled up that hill. He galloped so fast!  Mommy was trying to hold me back, because I saw Trevor take off and I desperately wanted to follow, but finally I grabbed the bit and just took off after him. I felt bad, though, because as I did it, one of the other horses was about to go – and we cut them off, because I wouldn’t let Mommy stop me or even slow me down that time. Mommy yelled “Sorry!” to them as we passed, and then up we went!

About halfway up the hill, I didn’t think I could do it anymore – and I slowed down. But Mommy wasn’t having it; she kicked me on and told me that I wasn’t allowed to stop! “You’ve been overly energetic and giving me a hard time since you got off the trailer, Icchy; there’s no way I’m letting you get away with being tired now! So gallop!” she said to me.

And gallop is exactly what I did.

The rest of the ride was kind of a daze, because I was so tired and so amped up at the same time. I know we went back to the barn that will soon be my new home… I got to walk around in the big jumping arena… I got to have a shower in the wash rack… I got back on the trailer… and we came back to Kyalami Farm. Mommy let me graze for a while, and she put a lot of liniment on my legs and wrapped them in those big, fluffy pillow wraps. Then, she put me into my stall with a bunch of hay, and she and Daddy said goodnight.

It was the most fun and exciting day I’ve had since… well, possibly ever! It was definitely the hardest workout I’ve ever had; I’m already sore. It’s a good thing Mommy knows me so well, because she said that I’ll be getting at least two days off after today – and that I can have more, if I feel like I need it.

For now, though, all I need is to sleep! So I guess I’ll catch y’all later…

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A (mostly) fantastic ride

Out of all the perfect days, I think today might have been the most perfect. Remember when I told you that my Daddy was going to ride me today? Well, he did!

My day started out peacefully and beautifully, as I got to graze in the paddock all morning and all afternoon. Since it rained yesterday, my favorite big side field was covered in water again – so Mommy put me in one of the medium sized fields on the other side, instead. Daddy put Isis in the back field, the minis in their little paddock… and Leo next to them. You know… because he’s so fat.

Mommy came back later in the day, and when she began to groom me and tack me up, I thought that perhaps Daddy had forgotten he was going to ride me today. My heart sank a little as Mommy got into the saddle, but we had a really nice warm up, anyway. We worked on the flat for about twenty minutes – just walk, trot, canter and lead changes – and then (after a walking break and a treat), we jumped!

I love jumping with Mommy!

I love jumping with Mommy!

We didn’t do very much; we warmed up over a couple jumps, and then Mommy dismounted so Daddy could get on! I guess she just wanted to make sure I would behave for him… or maybe it was because he wasn’t finished working yet when Mommy arrived. I don’t know; I can only read one of their minds at a time, and only when they’re on my back!

Anyway, Daddy got on and cantered me once each direction, with a couple lead changes thrown in. Then, we got right down to business. We warmed up over a small line a couple times, and then Mommy had us jump it a little higher. We did great! We kept a steady, even pace, and I jumped it in six strides like I was supposed to.

After we did that nicely a couple times, we moved on to the “flowers” vertical, which was set at about 2’9. We jumped that nicely a couple times, and Daddy decided that he wanted to jump the oxer in the middle, which was set to 3’3. We cantered it on the left lead, and after three jumps, we had it down perfect! Daddy wanted to end on that, but Mommy told him we couldn’t. You see, I’m getting a little stronger on my left lead than on my right lead again, so I need to make sure I work evenly to each direction.

Well, as we cantered up to the oxer from the right lead, neither Daddy nor I could see the right take-off distance. I was about to jump from a long spot, but then I added a stride – and when I did that, I no longer had time to jump! So I ducked out to the side.

Oops... I'm sorry, Daddy!

Oops… I’m sorry, Daddy!

Needless to say, Daddy didn’t fall off… and I had to do the jump over again. So we cantered up to the oxer again, but I felt that Daddy was still unsure, and that made me feel unsure… and, well… I stopped again. I was so ashamed of myself, especially when I realized that I had unseated Daddy! He hung on tight though and, somehow, he stayed on – even though I was still cantering and bucking and spinning! He sure does have a tight grip with those legs!

Now, I’m sure you all know what happens when you do something bad in the lesson, and the trainer gets mad? Yep, that’s right… she made Daddy dismount so she could “sit on me for a minute.” And Mommy made me jump that oxer. It’s funny, because my Mommy sits so quietly in the saddle – but somehow, she can feel me start to waver before I even do it, and she presses me forward, leaving me no room to duck out or stop. And that’s exactly what she did.

Woah! Hold on tight, Mommy!

Woah! Hold on tight, Mommy!

Mommy made me jump it a couple more times – for good measure – and then Daddy got back on and we headed for the oxer again.

This time, I didn’t dare stop – and Daddy didn’t let me, either.

Yeah! We did it!

Yeah! We did it!

We jumped it so well together! Mommy jumped and cheered, and Daddy gave me the treats he’d secretly stashed in the pocket of his breeches. And he let me gallop a little to stretch out!

I LOVE running... especially with Daddy!

I LOVE running… especially with Daddy!

After our short gallop, Daddy cooled me out for a long time – and then he and Mommy gave me a shower. Mommy walked me around and let me graze while I dried, and I enjoyed spending more time with her. As I was grazing, Mommy kept going ahead of me and inspecting the patches of clover before I got to them. She said she was looking for ones with four leaves, because she wanted to pick them. I guess she found one yesterday, and she wanted to make sure I didn’t eat them. I don’t know why, though… I don’t think they’re poisonous, because I’m pretty sure I remember eating a few…

Mommy's four-leaf clover

Mommy’s four-leaf clover

When I was dry, Mommy brought me into my stall. Daddy brought in Isis and Leo from the paddocks, and after we had all had some time to settle down for the night (and I had waited an hour from the time I was done cooling out), we got to eat our dinner grain.

Mommy said that I am going to long-line tomorrow. She said that she knows I don’t like it, but I’m having an unusually long week this week, and she wants to give my back a rest. She said that she’s going to just let me be silly and play and stretch – but that I need to make sure I work a little bit, because she doesn’t want me to be stiff. She also told me that on Sunday, she’ll probably be riding me for longer than usual… which usually means a trail ride… I wonder where it’s going to be! I’m so excited to find out!

Alright, friends, I’m off to hit the shavings. Have a great weekend, and stay tuned to hear about my upcoming adventures! Catch y’all tomorrow…


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Reminiscing in the rain…

Well, it’s raining again today, and that means that we’re all in the small paddocks again. At least I’m next to Leo. But I won’t get to work today, because it was raining all night, and it’s supposed to rain all day – so that means the arena will be too soggy and wet for my Daddy and me to ride together. It seems like it’s been raining a lot lately. I guess it’s better than snow, though. Speaking of snow… You know that rainy days make me feel nostalgic, and I was thinking about the time I lost my shoe in the snow, back at my first home in New York.

The arena at that barn wasn’t always covered in snow. At least, not at first. But I started to really like working in the snow, especially since I was starting to really like working in general. So, one day after a small snowstorm, my Mommy and I went into the arena for a nice, light workout. As we were cantering around, I took a step that was a little too big, and I stepped on the corner of my front shoe with my back foot. I didn’t realize it immediately, but when that happened, I pulled my own shoe right off my hoof!

Once I brought this to my Mommy and Daddy’s attention, they went out into the snow on their own human feet and started to look for my shoe. For the life of them, they just couldn’t find it! So, my Mommy called a guy (she called him a “farrier,” but when I was just a little 3 year old baby, I thought she meant that he was some sort of magical fairy!) to come out and put new shoes on me. She told me that she was going to get me special shoes for the snow. She said that, although I didn’t lose my shoe just because of the snow, the weather report called for a couple more big snowstorms soon and she wanted me to be safe.

So, I met this guy and he was really nice. He told me I was a good boy for standing so still while he tickled my feet and trimmed my toenails. He was wearing funny leather chaps over his jeans, and I tried to get the buckle undone while he worked on my feet. He said that he didn’t mind. He said that most of the baby horses he knew were not as good as I was about getting new shoes. But I loved it.

It turned out that my special snow shoes were actually just shoes, but they had this sort of rubber bubble tube in between my hoof and the shoe. The fairy guy said that the rubber bubble tubes would push the snow out from my feet, so the snow couldn’t get under my shoes and pull them off. He said it was fine for me to wear those shoes even if it wasn’t snowing, too. He gave me a carrot and my Mommy gave him a piece of paper as payment, and then he said goodbye. I didn’t know if I would ever see him again. I hoped I would, because I liked him. But he had to go home to his family of horses in New Jersey.

Well, my Mommy was right when she said that there was going to be a big snowstorm. It happened two days later, and we were both very glad that I had my snowshoes. You won’t believe this, but the snow came all the way up to my knees! Needless to say, we could only walk around in the arena with the snow that deep. It was kind of funny. My Daddy even got on and walked me around!

Walking with my Daddy in the snow!

Walking with my Daddy in the snow!

My new snow shoes were great for the snow… but it turned out that my strides were way longer than a normal baby horse my size. So, when I was in my in-and-out the next day, I accidentally stepped on my shoe again. This time it didn’t come all the way off… but it bent the corner up really far, and it was uncomfortable to stand on. My Mommy called the fairy guy again and told him what happened, but he said he wouldn’t be able to come fix it for a few more days! He said he could give my Mommy the name of another fairy guy who would be able to come and pull the shoe off, but my Mommy said that it wasn’t necessary… because my daddy said that he would pull off my bent shoe! I always knew that my Daddy was strong, but I never knew he was strong enough to pull off my shoe with his bare hands. And that’s what he did! I felt bad because he hurt his finger and it began to bleed a little bit, but he told me that it was a small price to pay to make sure I was comfortable.

My Daddy loves me so much.

Well, the fairy guy came out a few days later and put another new shoe on with another rubber bubble tube for the snow, and we were all set!

Even though there was so much snow, it only took a couple days of sunshine and one day of rain to wash it all away. After one more day of sunshine, the mud was mostly dried up… so my Mommy and Daddy decided that they would give me another surprise and take me for another trail ride in the park! But the real surprise was that my Daddy was going to get to ride, too. The woman who was my friend Bucky’s Mommy said that my Daddy could ride Bucky out in the park whenever he wanted, so that I could go on a trail ride with both my humans. It was so much fun! I don’t know if I have any photos of Daddy and Bucky, because my Daddy was the one holding the camera. My Mommy needed to keep both her hands on my reins, since I was still a baby and got a little nervous in the park now and then. But I remember that it was so much more fun to go out in the park with both my humans and my friend, Bucky! Bucky was an old horse, so he knew a lot of great stories and he knew his way around the park really well. I was happy, and I loved my Mommy and Daddy more and more every day.

Walking in the park!

Walking in the park!

Oh, and you know the best part? After the winter, when the snow was done and the mud was dry, my Mommy and Daddy found the first shoe that I lost! They kept it and hung it up on my stall door as a keepsake.

I have so many amazing memories with my Mommy and Daddy. One day, I’ll have shared them all with you. Just make sure to check back every day, because I have a LOT of stories left to tell!

Oh, here comes my Daddy with the hay! Time to go eat. Stay dry, y’all, and don’t let the mud suck off your shoes!

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A stroll down memory lane

Well, even though it’s chilly today, the sun is warm and I’ve been enjoying a mid-morning snooze in the field with my best friend, Leo. Sometimes he naps along with me, but usually he grazes nearby and keeps a lookout for any predators. (So far, we haven’t encountered any!)

That's me laying down, and my best friend Leo keeping watch nearby.

That’s me laying down, and my best friend Leo keeping watch nearby.

The warm sunshine, the crisp winter air, the little breeze that rustles the last of the leaves on the trees – this pleasant moment actually brings back another memory from my first home in New York, only a couple weeks after my humans adopted me.

The barn where I lived had a long driveway, and at the bottom of the driveway was the entrance to a big park with a lake in the middle. I often saw other horses and their humans walking around in the park, and I have to admit that I was more than just a little curious – but I was also nervous at the same time, because I had no idea what I would find in that park.

Well, on one particularly warm day, after most of the snow had melted from the latest snowstorm, my humans decided they wanted to take me for a walk in the park. Since they obviously understood me very well already, they knew that I would be nervous to walk alone, so my human Mommy tacked me up and got on my back, while my human Daddy walked next to us with a lead rope in his hand (just in case). My friends from my barn whinnied to me as I left, telling me to be careful and not to be gone too long.

It was a lot of fun to look around at the new sights and smell all of the new smells, especially because I could still see my barn behind me.

That is, until we turned a corner, and I realized that I could no longer see my barn, nor hear my friends.

I stopped dead in my tracks, listening as hard as I could, straining my ears to hear their whinnies. But I couldn’t hear them anymore. We were out of earshot, and out of sight. And suddenly, I felt like the trees around me were closing in, and… I panicked. I reared up and spun around, screaming as loud as I could, hoping that my friends could hear me, even though I couldn’t hear them. I completely forgot that both of my humans were there, and I threw a huge buck and tried to take off down the path, back toward my barn. But when I felt the tugging on my reins, pulling against the sweet-iron and copper snaffle bit inside my mouth, I remembered that there was a small human on my back, and another human standing next to me. I stopped and stood trembling, listening to my humans as they spoke softly to me, trying to comfort me. My human Daddy put his hand on my neck, and I felt the calm reassurance that was running through his veins, and it began to calm me down.

My human Mommy asked, “Icchy, do you think we can walk a little farther? We’re both here with you, and I really think that you’ll like the park, when you see a little more of it…”

I thought about it for a moment. I was still extremely tempted to bolt back to the barn, but decided that I would try to trudge on a bit longer, just for the sake of my humans who had always been very nice to me.

So, still trembling a little, I turned and continued walking down the trail. After a while, I began to calm down, but every little sound or rustle in the bushes made me jump a little.

Then, we turned another corner and came to a little stream that ran across our path. There was a bridge over the stream, but for some reason, my human asked me to walk in  the water, instead. I hesitated, knowing that the water would most likely be very cold. But my human Mommy kept urging me forward with her legs (annoyingly), until I finally gave in and put one foot into the stream. I was right: the water was freezing!! I jerked my foot back out, and heard both of my humans laugh. It didn’t sound like they were making fun of me, I think they just thought I was funny. So, taking this as a little bit of encouragement, I decided to try again.

This time, I took two steps forward so that both of my front feet were in the water. I waited for a moment, getting used to the chill of the rushing stream, and finally stepped all four of my feet in and stood for a moment. Both of my humans began gushing praise over me, patting me, kissing me, telling me what a “good baby horse” I was. And then (thankfully!) my human Mommy asked me to turn around and step out of the water.

Here I am, standing in the stream - just like my Mommy asked me to!

Here I am, standing in the stream – just like my Mommy asked me to!

I was pretty proud of myself, and when I realized that we were heading back toward home, I understood that the park could be a fun place to go with my humans. Hopefully someday I would be able to come out with some other horses – but for the time being, I was happy that both of my humans had decided to come with me.

Walking back toward my barn after my first experience in the park.

Walking back toward my barn after my first experience in the park.

Yeah, my humans and I have some pretty fun memories. I can’t believe it’s been two years since they adopted me. It feels like they’ve been mine forever.

My human Mommy told me earlier that we would be jumping later today. I’m so excited! You know how much I love to jump… It’s been about a week since the last time I jumped, and I can’t wait! I’m sure that I’ll have some time this evening to tell you all about it, while I’m eating my hay and waiting for my dinner grain. But for now, I think I’ll lay down and take another nap in the sunshine.

See y’all later…



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