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A puddle of fun!

Even though it was sunny and warm today, and the sunshine dried up most of the mud that yesterday’s rain created, there was still a HUGE puddle in the paddock that Leo and I were in. You know the one… we LOVE that puddle! But mostly, Leo and I just love splashing around in the mud!

I got to the paddock before he did, but I waited until he arrived before going into the puddle. I knew he would want me to wait so we could splash together!

Splashing with my best friend, Leo!

Splashing with my best friend, Leo!

We splashed… and splashed… and then, we splashed some more! It was the perfect start to a great day.

I love splashing in puddles!

I LOVE splashing in puddles!

Splashing around so much made me pretty tired, though. So, when the sun was high in the sky and the air was warm, I laid down to take a nap while Leo stood watch. He’s really good at standing guard. He’s my best friend in the whole world.

Thanks for keeping watch, Leo. You're the best!

Thanks for keeping watch, Leo. You’re the best!

Later in the day, Mommy and Daddy came out to bring me in for my daily workout. Leo and I were feeling a little cheeky, though… and I swear it was Leo’s idea, but instead of walking over to Mommy… we trotted over to the puddle and started splashing around again! Every time Mommy or Daddy tried to get near us, we would walk further into the water. I even stuck my tongue out at Mommy when she called me a “little brat!”

Neener neener neener!!! You can't get us!!!

“Neener neener neener!!! You can’t get us!!!”

Daddy drove the quad into the water and tried to chase me out, but it didn’t work. Instead of running away from him, I just walked right up to him. He told me in a firm voice, “Now, Icchy, it’s time for you to go to work. Go over to Mommy and let her put your halter on!”

"Get over there RIGHT NOW, Icarus!"

“Get over there RIGHT NOW, Icarus!”

And do you know what I said?

I said……..


Sorry... but no.

Sorry… but no.

Finally, Mommy took the quad and drove back to the barn to get a carrot to use as a bribe. Of course, as soon as she had a carrot in her hand, I came right over to her!

Mommy and Daddy both thought I was going to behave badly during my workout, seeing as how I had been so cheeky… but I surprised them by being absolutely perfect! We worked on leg yields at the trot and canter, flying lead changes in a serpentine pattern across the entire arena, and multiple lead changes down the long sides of the arena. I executed them perfectly, so Mommy only made me work for about a half hour. She told me that there was nothing else we needed to work on, and she wanted to reward my good behavior by letting me be finished!

Of course, she groomed on me and pampered me – as always – and then she put me in my stall with my dinner hay.

Yep, it was a really, really great day.

I hope that y’all had a good day, too, friends. Mommy said that we’re going to jump tomorrow… I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it! Until then… catch y’all tomorrow!

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