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The good, the bad and the jumping!

Today was an amazing day; I had so much fun! I was on my absolute best behavior… especially because I was a little bit naughty yesterday.

You see, when my Mommy got to the barn in the early afternoon yesterday, I’d been in the middle of the nap – and the last thing I felt like doing was working. My Mommy even said that she could tell I didn’t want to work, and she would do her best to let me have an easy workout… as long as I did the same.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Just be on your best behavior, and you’ll get to be done quickly!” Right? And normally I know that, but I took the complete wrong approach; I tried to rush through my workout – and I got a little carried away.

I mean, don’t get me wrong; I tried to be good, in the beginning.

Trying so hard...

Trying so hard…

But after ten minutes or so, I wanted to be finished… and that’s when I began trying to rush through the rest of it. So, instead of being done quickly, I had to work longer and harder than either of us had wanted to. But, believe me, I protested. I bucked. I spun. I even reared up once, but the tone of Mommy’s voice told me that I’d better not try that one again…

Finally, I unclenched my teeth from around the bit, took a deep breath (and so did Mommy), and I decided to stop rebelling against the idea of working. What’s done was done, and I knew that all I could do at that point was behave, and get through the rest of the workout. Mommy was frustrated, I was frustrated… It was a moot workout by that point, because all we ended up working on was staying slow and collected; the entire plan had gone out the window, the minute I decided to be ornery.

Anyway, we worked through it and ended up finishing well. By that time, we were both tired, frustrated and disappointed – so Mommy gave me a shower and let me graze a little, and then she put me back into my stall for the rest of the day.

The weather called for intermittent rain and thunder storms all night, so Mommy said I had to stay in my stall for the night, too. I was a little upset about it, especially after being in all day, but I knew she was only trying to keep me safe. I do hate the rain, and the thought of staying outside all night in the rain was not appealing!

To my surprise, Mommy and Daddy came back again later in the night, a little before the sun went down. They took me out of my stall, groomed on me, and let me walk around and graze for a while. Mommy said she knew that I would be feeling restless and stiff – and she was right. I love how well she knows me, and I love that my humans always makes sure to do the right thing for me.

Hanging out and walking with my Daddy.

Hanging out and walking with my Daddy.

It had been raining for a while before Mommy and Daddy got there, and it stopped long enough for us to have a little time outside. When the rain stopped, though, we saw the most beautiful rainbow. It was glorious… even though I don’t see colors in the same way that humans do. It was still an incredible sight to see!


Wow… Look at that! Nature sure is amazing…

I felt a lot better after getting to walk around and eat grass for a while. So, when Mommy and Daddy picked my feet and put me in my stall for the night, I was no longer upset about staying in… especially because it began to rain again, just as they were leaving!

Today, I made sure to get my nap in early this morning, so I would be fresh and ready to work when they arrived. Sure enough, I was well rested and we had a fantastic workout!

Mommy let me walk for a long time once we got down the hill to the jumping arena; we warmed up slow and stretched out for a while, because she knew that I was somewhat stiff from standing in my stall for so long. We had a long, stretchy flat workout with lots of walking breaks and a few flying lead changes in each direction. As we warmed up, Daddy was setting up the course; by the time he was finished, I was completely warmed up and my muscles felt nice and loose. So, Mommy and I warmed up over a few jumps, and then we jumped a course that was about 2’9 high. Mommy told me I did perfectly, and she asked Daddy to raise the jumps for us again.

Our next workout was a lot of fun; we changed the course a little and worked on doing rollbacks. It was fun and challenging, since the jumps ranged from 3’3 to 3’9, and the turns we took were pretty sharp! I knocked one or two of the poles down a couple times in a row, so Daddy gave Mommy and me some wise advice, and told us to try it again. We took his advice, and sure enough, we got it perfect that time! We make such a great team, the three of us! 

Flying with Mommy!

Flying with Mommy!

When we were finished with our workout, Mommy gave me a shower and let me graze for another half hour while I dried. By the time she put me back into my stall for the afternoon, I was already ready for another nap!

I was happy to find out that it isn’t supposed to rain tonight, so I’m spending another night under the stars with my friends.

Yep… I really love my life.

Catch y’all later!

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Another rainy day…

Well, I got to work yesterday, but only for about twenty minutes. Mommy rode me bareback and I’m embarrassed to say that I wasn’t very well behaved. In my own defense, it’s always difficult for me to behave when I have to work first thing in the morning, especially when my other friends are all headed out to the paddocks! I was trying my best to concentrate, but I just kept getting a little carried away…

Instead of making me work longer, Mommy decided that she wouldn’t push me to work when I wasn’t in the right mindset. (Have I told you how much I love her?) So, once we had warmed up, she asked me to pay attention long enough to do a few nice lead changes, and then she gave me a pat on the shoulder and told me I could be done.

I sure do love my Mommy!

I sure do love my Mommy! She always does what’s best for me!

But… even though I didn’t want to work, I still had a lot of energy… so I ended up going for a long gallop in the field later in the day. Leo even joined me this time! Unfortunately, my timing was terrible, and the gallop took place just before Daddy was going to bring us in for our dinner grain. So, needless to say, he had to walk me for twenty minutes until I cooled down, and then I had to wait an extra hour for my dinner.

Today, Mommy said that Daddy will ride me later if the weather holds up. It rained last night, and everything is pretty wet, but if it doesn’t rain anymore today then I think the arena will be just fine for riding. I guess we’ll see. Either way, I’ll let you know! I hope it doesn’t rain, because I love it when my Daddy rides me!

Alright, friends, I’m out of here. I see Daddy coming this way with some hay for us, so I’m going to go stand by the gate and wait for him. Maybe if I look extra cute, he’ll give me extra hay! Catch y’all later!

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Please, enough with the rain and mud!

Seriously. I’m getting really tired of the rain! I never liked the rain much to begin with, but now it’s just ruining everything.

As you can probably guess, it rained all last night – which means that even the last usable paddock is muddy and mucky and filled with water. My Mommy came by this morning to say goodbye to me. She groomed on me for a little while and put me outside in the paddock with Leo. But Leo and I started playing and running around, and my Mommy saw me almost slip in the mud… so she brought me in, cleaned me up and put me back into my stall. I was upset, but I know she was only trying to keep me safe. I just get carried away sometimes when I’m with my best friend! Of course, Leo didn’t slip because he didn’t run as fast as I did, so he got to stay outside in the paddock.

Anyway, the paddocks are WAY muddier and more slippery today than they were yesterday or the day before, and of course the little paddocks and my favorite big field are all still underwater. The ducks and geese were back again too, swimming around in the “lake.”

It rained a little bit during the day, which made me glad that I was in my stall. It didn’t last long though, and then I began to worry that I wasn’t going to come out of my stall all day! But of course, my Daddy would never let that happen to me. He took me out, groomed me, put on my bridle and took me out for a bareback walk. We didn’t do much because everything was so muddy and slippery, but it felt good to stretch my legs and get out a little of my energy!


Well, that’s about all I have to report today. I really hope tomorrow is sunny, because I need to do some work! I’m going crazy here!

Stay dry, friends. Catch y’all later.

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The excitement continues…

Well, the excitement for everyone else continues, that is. Because my day wasn’t very exciting at all. Not that it was a bad day. Just… boring. Since it was raining all day again today, and the paddocks were completely soaked with giant puddles and a lot of mud everywhere, my Mommy decided that I should stay in my stall all day.

Another rainy day... Bummer!

Another rainy day… Bummer!

I know; it’s completely unfair, right? And after she didn’t even ride me yesterday!

But, to be honest, I actually didn’t mind staying in all day because of how awful the weather was. Especially when I looked out at my friends in the little paddocks, and they all looked kind of miserable. My Mommy explained to me that standing in water or mud for long periods of time wasn’t good for my feet; it can cause my feet to rot or get something called “thrush.” When she told me that, I realized that she was right – my feet were already a little sore from being out in the muddy paddock for the past few days. (It’s kind of like how human skin gets all wrinkly when they take too long of a bath… except my feet don’t get wrinkly, they really do start to rot.)

Anyway, let me start at the beginning.

This morning, my Mommy told me that I was going to stay in my stall today because of the weather… and yada yada. She said that we could go for a bareback walk in the rain, though. It sounded nice, especially because it wasn’t raining that much at the time and it was really warm outside. So, she hooked me up in the cross-ties and started grooming me. As she was brushing me off, we heard a loud CRACK! and saw Leo come prancing out of his stall! He had broken through his stall guard (which isn’t actually that difficult to do… I’ve even broken mine before, too) and decided to go for a little joy gallop around the property!

Run, Leo! Run!

Run, Leo! Run!

Well, my Daddy ran after him, but Leo refused to be caught. Luckily, after a while, Leo began to head toward the big, long field in the back… and there’s only one pathway to the entrance of that field, so when Leo tried to turn back around, my Daddy shooed him into the paddock and latched the gate! I was hootin’ and hollerin’ and cheerin’ Leo on! I wished I could have joined him! Imagine how much trouble we could have gotten into together…

Anyway, after we all calmed down, my Mommy and I went for that bareback walk around the property. We stopped along the way and looked into my favorite paddock. It was really muddy; there were huge puddles the size of lakes everywhere!

Look at my poor paddock... it's so muddy!

Look at my poor paddock… it’s so muddy!

We walked around for about twenty-five minutes before it started raining harder and my Mommy decided that we should be done. After she finished grooming me again, I got to stand in the cross-ties and eat hay while my stall was clean!

I love being waited on... And I love eating hay!

I love being waited on… And I love eating hay!

It actually wasn’t so bad being in my stall all day, especially because my Daddy was there all day to keep me company. And, like I said before, my friends all looked kind of miserable out there in the paddocks. When my Mommy came back later in the day, we went for another long bareback walk around the property. After that, I got to eat more hay in my stall and watch the rain out my window.

Watching the rain out my back window.

Watching the rain out my back window.

It actually turned out to be a pretty nice day, come to think of it. Unfortunately, it’s still raining… and tomorrow is supposed to be just as rainy. So it looks like I’ll be stall-bound again tomorrow. And, at this rate, probably the next day as well. But that’s okay, as long as I get to eat a lot of hay and go on a couple bareback walks with my Mommy! Or my Daddy. Either one. I mean, obviously I’d much rather work, but I really love that my Mommy cares enough to do the right thing for me, even when I’m not that excited about it at first.

On that note, I think I’ll go eat my night hay and then catch some sleep. You know, because I didn’t rest enough today. Ha! Catch y’all tomorrow… and try to keep those feet dry!

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Memories of rainy days

On days such as today, when the sky is gray and the rain falls steadily from the clouds, I always feel a bit nostalgic.

Watching the rain and feeling nostalgic...

Watching the rain and feeling nostalgic…

When my Mommy brought me out to the paddock this morning, she stayed with me in the shelter for an hour or so – just talking to me, giving me face scratchies, and reminiscing about the old times. I was happy to stand with her and watch the rain as it turned the paddock into one big puddle.

Watching the rain turn the paddock into a puddle...

Watching the rain turn the paddock into a puddle…

While we hung out, my Mommy reminded me that I wanted to tell you about the day I moved to Cooper’s barn, which would be my second home in New York.

It’s a great day to reminisce.

Well, after living at my first barn in New York for a couple months, my Mommy began to realize that the woman who owned the place wasn’t exactly… a horsewoman. She ran everything on her own, changing schedule; as an example, we hardly ever ate dinner at the same time from one night to the next. Now, this might not sound like a big deal to some humans, but horses are very much creatures of habit. And although my Mommy goes through a lot of trouble to prepare me for anything – riding at different times of the day, moving to different barns, loud noises, scary tarps and bags, etc. – she also knows that horses can colic (or get a tummy ache) if their eating habits vary too much from one day to the next. Because of how horses are built, it’s best for us to keep eating all day long… and no, I’m not just saying that because I love to eat. It’s actually true! You see, in the wild, horses graze all day and most of the night; also, wild horses don’t have a safe, cozy stall to sleep in, so they only sleep very lightly, and only for about 20 minutes at a time. And they never lay down to sleep, because they have to be ready to run from a predator at any moment.

Now, although we are not wild horses, some things haven’t changed that much with evolution. Like, for instance, our digestive systems. We’re still supposed to eat mostly hay and forage (plants and grass), even though we also get grain twice a day (and some of us get supplements, too). And we’re supposed to have something to eat all day, even if it’s only a little bit of grass in the paddock to graze on.

Anyway, aside from the changing feed times, my Mommy began to notice that my stall would sometimes look very dirty when she and my Daddy arrived after work. Since they were paying the lady who owned the barn to clean my stall daily, this made my Mommy angry – more for the fact that she didn’t want me to be in a dirty stall, though. Of course, my Mommy or my Daddy would always clean my stall when they got there, even if the lady had already cleaned it earlier in the day, but they weren’t supposed to be the only ones cleaning it. Even I knew that.

More and more things like this kept happening until, one day, my Mommy decided to speak with the lady about it. My Mommy is a very nice person, and probably her best attribute is that she will do anything for me. So, when the lady answered my Mommy’s concerns by saying, “If you don’t like the way I run my barn, then you can just go and find a better one,” my Mommy did just that. She spoke to Cooper’s Mommy, who I came to know as my Auntie Joyce, and my Auntie Joyce did something amazing for us. Since her barn was full, she actually built another stall so I would have a place to live, where my Mommy could look after me and trust the people who took care of me when she wasn’t there.

I had to live in the mean lady’s barn for another few weeks, but as soon as Auntie Joyce said that the new stall was finished, my Mommy made arrangements for me to move to Cooper’s barn.

Well, when I say she “made arrangements,” that actually doesn’t mean what you probably think it means.

As it turned out, Cooper’s barn was only a couple streets away from the mean lady’s barn. Since the entire neighborhood was filled with people who had horses, it wasn’t uncommon to see horses being walked or ridden down the streets. So, my Mommy asked Auntie Joyce if any of her horses would mind accompanying me on a walk to her barn! When “moving day” came, it was raining – just like it is today – so my Mommy decided it would be safer for her to hand-walk me, instead of riding me. She and my Daddy came to the mean lady’s barn to pick up my tack trunk and all of my things, and then dropped them off at Cooper’s barn. When they came back to the mean lady’s barn, I saw that my Mommy was walking a horse named Cody – a sweet, somewhat older Quarter Horse who was very steady and trustworthy. My Daddy put my splint boots on my legs and my halter on my head, and off we went to walk through the neighborhood on our way to my new home!

We met a few different people along the way, all of whom wanted to stop and pet Cody and me. It was so cool to make so many new friends on such a short walk!

It only took us about twenty minutes to walk to my new barn. When I got there, I found out that my new stall was in between Cody and Cooper, my two newest friends! Auntie Joyce made everyone a special bran mash for dinner as a treat. My stall was big, and I had an “in-and-out” attached to it like I did at the mean lady’s barn. (For those of you who don’t know, an in-and-out is an individual paddock that’s attached to your stall, that you have free access to… unless your human decides to close the back door for any reason.) Here’s a photo that my Mommy took that very same day, after I had finished eating my warm, sloppy bran mash:

Looking into Cooper's paddock after eating my bran mash.

Looking into Cooper’s paddock after eating my bran mash.

Yeah, it was a fun and exciting day – that’s for sure. I loved living at Cooper’s barn, especially because he and I became best friends. I really do miss him; I hope he found a new best friend, maybe a horse who is big and sweet, just like my newest best friend, Leo.

Speaking of Leo, I think I’ll head out into the rain and see what he’s up to; he’s in the little paddock right next to mine, and Isis is in the one on the other side of me.

Heading out to see what my friends are up to!

Heading out to see what my friends are up to!

I hope that y’all have a good day! Stay dry out there, and don’t let the mud suck off your shoes!

Heading out to see what my friends are up to...

Catch y’all later!

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Rainy days are for friends

Last winter, I lived in the warm and sunny Miami, Florida. Even though I lived in New York before that, and Virginia before that, spending last winter in Miami is probably the reason why I don’t feel like I’m used to all of the rain we’ve been getting lately. I think I can actually count the number of days that it rained in Miami last winter on all four hooves.

It’s not that it was pouring today or anything, but the skies were gray and cloudy and the air was damp. It would drizzle now and then – enough so that we had to stay in the little paddocks with the shelters – and once or twice it rained a little harder for a while. Needless to say, I didn’t get to work today. My Mommy said that was okay, though, because she was planning to give me today off either way.

For the most part, today was uneventful. Leo and I got to share the big field that’s connected to a little paddock with a shelter, but neither of us really felt like going into the shelter. Leo actually likes to stand in the rain, and I just like to hang out with Leo. Our friends Isis, Moekie, and Jelly Bean and Jube Jube each had their own little paddock and their own shelters, too. My Daddy came out a couple different times during the day to bring us all hay, which he put into the shelters for us. Since it wasn’t raining at that time, my Daddy put some hay outside for me to eat while Leo ate his inside the shelter.

I think Leo got lonely, because he came outside and walked over to where I was eating my hay. Now, Leo doesn’t like to share his hay, so when he eats in the shelter, I stay away because I don’t want him to try to bite me or kick me. But Leo asked me if I’d mind sharing my hay with him. I thought about it for a minute, and then I decided that it was fine. I mean, he is my best friend, after all. So I told him it was fine, and we shared a pile of steamed hay outside on the grass.

Sharing some hay with my best friend, Leo

Sharing some hay with my best friend, Leo

I love having a best friend to share hay with on rainy days. I’ve had a lot of best friends in my life (remind me to tell you sometime about my best friend in New York, a Palomino named Cooper), but I’ve never had a best friend like Leo. He’s the best best friend I’ve ever had.

Oh, did you guys hear a lot of fireworks last night? We heard a bunch of them, but they didn’t really scare us. I mean, if my friends had been scared, I’d probably have been scared, too. But we weren’t, we just kept eating our hay and ignored all the loud noises.

Anyway, the humans always say that they have “New Year’s Resolutions,” and I figured that I might as well have some, too. Here they are:

1. I resolve to jump higher than I’ve ever jumped before…
2. I resolve to gallop faster than I’ve ever galloped before…
3. I resolve not to get so carried away while jumping courses…
4. I resolve to compete and WIN the competitions I enter…
5. I resolve not to buck as often anymore… at least, not with a human on my back…
6. I resolve to come up with new cute and silly faces that will convince my humans to give me more treats.

Oh, and my Mommy said that I should also resolve to stop untying shoes and stealing hats… but I’m not too sure about those ones yet. Untying people’s shoes is really fun! I’d love to hear what your “New Year’s Resolutions” are, too! Whatever they are, work hard at them and I’m sure they’ll come true. Happy New Year, friends.

Cross your hooves for me that tomorrow is sunny, because I really want to work! Catch y’all later…

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