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Withering away…

Friends, I’m sorry that I haven’t written in such a long time. The truth is, I’ve been too upset to write… because I feel like I have nothing to write about! I’m still lame, and being lame is still lame.

I’m disappointed and frustrated that my hoof is taking so long to heal, because every other part of me feels just fine. I have a ton of energy, and I know Mommy wants to work as badly as I do!

"Come on, Mommy! Let's get back to work, already!"

“Come on, Mommy! Let’s get back to work, already!”

I’m glad that I still get to go outside with my friends at night. That’s really what has been saving me from insanity. I get to stretch, I get to socialize, and now and again I even get the other horses to run around with me! But, um, don’t tell my Mommy about that last part…

Chilling with my friend, Bruce

Chilling with my friend, Bruce

Tonight, though, I have to stay inside. You see, last night (and all day today) it rained pretty hard – and non-stop, too – so Mommy and Daddy didn’t want me out there in the mud. Which was probably a wise choice on their part, especially considering that they know how much I love to be covered in mud!

This is what I looked like this morning when I came in from the paddock. Mommy had to give me a shower while it was pouring down rain!

Yes, I sure do love my life...

Yes, I sure do love my life…

For once, I really liked having a shower, though I would have liked it if Mommy had just left me muddy. I mean, I worked hard to cover every inch of myself!

Anyway, I had to stay in my stall all day today, and I’m in all night, too. I’ll probably have to stay in tomorrow as well, since it’s supposed to rain for a couple more days. At this rate, I feel like I’ll never get back to work! I know, I know; I just have to be patient. It’ll be here sooner than I realize. It’s just that it’s been so long, and I’m so ready to get back to work!

Well, I hope that y’all have had a nice Fourth of July, friends, and that the fireworks didn’t rattle your nerves too badly. Just try to remember that they’re far away, and they can’t harm you from where they are. Unless your humans are lighting them off in the barn – in which case, RUN! And call me immediately!

Alright, friends. I guess I’ll catch y’all later!


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