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Summer Camp Shenanigans

If you don’t already know, shenanigans can be defined as “silly or high-spirited behavior.” And that, friends, is what today was all about!

But let me back up and start at the beginning…

Yesterday our friend, Shelley, asked Mommy if we would be willing to do a jumping demonstration for her summer camp kids. Mommy said that the decision would ultimately be up to me, but of course I’m always happy to show off – especially jumping, and especially for a large audience full of amazing little kids who are learning to be equestrians! (Plus, jumping day always means marshmallows… And you know how much I love marshmallows!)

So today, Mommy and I got to have a great deal of “silly and high-spirited fun” while jumping over a big ol’ triple oxer, showing off for the summer camp kids and counselors!

Of course, we warmed up over smaller oxers first… But the real fun started when the oxer got up to 3 feet and 6 inches – because the spread (which just means the width of the jump) was 4 feet and 9 inches! 

3'6 oxer with a 4'9 spread

3’6 with a 4’9 spread? Come on, Mom… this is easy!

After jumping the oxer successfully at that height, Mommy asked our friend, Jan – who was also video taping us – to raise up the back pole a hole at a time until we were jumping 4 feet high with a 4-foot-9-inch spread! (Thanks, Jan!)

Jumping big oxers like that is a lot of fun… but do you know what makes it even more fun?

Having an audience to cheer for me when I clear the jump!

And do you know what might even be better than marshmallows as a reward for doing well?

Lots and lots of HUGS from my wonderful little friends!

I love getting hugs! They're the BEST!

I love getting hugs! They’re the BEST!

Of course, even though I do love hugs – and they might really be as good of a reward as marshmallows…. Mommy still gave me lots of marshmallows, too!

Mmmm... My favorite jumping day treat! Thanks, Mommy!

Mmmm… My favorite jumping day treat! Thanks, Mommy!

All in all, today was an awesome day. It might even be my favorite day in August – and the month has only just begun! I’m just saying that something super-duper-spectacular is going to have to happen in order to move up higher in the rankings than this wonderful, amazing day.

Thanks to all of my new friends who came out to support me and cheer for me during my jumping demonstration! Y’all made it a fun, silly and exciting day for me – and I hope it was the same for you!

My awesome friends who cheered me on during the jumping demonstration! Thanks, y’all!

Well, that’s about all I have to share for today… Stay cool in this heat, friends – and I’ll catch y’all later!

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Marshmallows give me wings!

Friends, you’re not going to believe this!

Actually, if you know me, you probably will believe it.

My Mommy and I broke our own high-jump record again today! We jumped four and a half feet! Yeah, you read that right – 4 feet and 6 inches! 

One day, when I’m a famous Grand Prix jumper, the reporters are going to ask me, “Icchy Star, do you have any advice for hopeful young horses out there who want to follow in your hoof-prints?” And I’ll tell ’em, “Yes! My advice is to get your humans to give you MARSHMALLOWS! Because marshmallows give you WINGS!”

Okay, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about marshmallows when I was supposed to be telling you about jumping. But I’ll get there!

I know that marshmallows aren’t exactly good for me, or healthy… but I tried my first marshmallow yesterday, and it was like munching on chewy, sugary air! It was delicious! I didn’t even really know how to chew it at first. My Mommy told me that I could only have marshmallows as a special treat once in a while. I wish I could have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! They are absolutely scrumptious! 

This is a picture of me trying to figure out how to eat a marshmallow!

This is a picture of me trying to figure out how to eat a marshmallow! Oops, I got a little on my nose…

My Mommy told me that today could be a jumping day since I worked yesterday and it was beautifully sunny today. It was still pretty cold, but it felt nice in the sunshine. And there was enough sun to dry up all the snow we got yesterday and most of the mud! My Daddy even dragged the arena for us so that the footing would be nice and fluffy.

Before she got on, my Mommy gave me a marshmallow and told me it was a “bribe.” She told me that I would get more marshmallows if I behaved  and did my absolute best while we jumped. That sounded like an easy deal! I mean, in my opinion, I always behave… And you know that I always try my best when I jump because I love jumping! 

So, we warmed up on the flat, and then jumped a few lower jumps and yada yada yada. Now for the good part! Every time we jumped the oxer successfully, my Daddy would raise the poles up a little higher, and we’d try again. By the time we were finished, my Mommy was confident that we had broken a new record – so my Daddy grabbed a measuring tape and measured the jump while Mommy and I walked around to cool down our muscles. Sure enough, Daddy reported back that the jump was four and a half feet high! That’s three full inches higher than our last record!

Jumping four and a half feet! If you click on the photo, you can even watch the video, too!

Jumping four and a half feet! If you click on the photo, you can even watch the video, too!

Needless to say, we walked a lot afterward and my Mommy put that minty green stuff on my legs that she calls “liniment.” She wrapped all of my legs in big, fluffy “pillow wraps” so they don’t get stocked up… and, true to her word, she gave me more marshmallows as a reward!

Honestly, I really think it was the marshmallows that gave me the energy to jump so high today. Not that I couldn’t do it without marshmallows. It’s just that I LOVE marshmallows! You can bribe me with those sweet, yummy treats anytime!

Okay, friends. That’s all I have to say for right now. I’ve eaten my grain and some warm, steamed hay – so now I think I’ll curl up on my bed of soft shavings and take a long nap. It was a good day. I hope y’all had a good day, too!

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