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A New Life on the Farm

I know you might think that I’m referring to my own new life on the farm… but I’m not! I’m referring to an actual new life on the farm: a foal – a new baby horse!

That’s right, friends: late Sunday night (or really early Monday morning), a foal was born right here on the farm! The farm where I live! It might be the most exciting thing that I’ve ever seen happen. Not that I was able to actually see the baby being born or anything… But you know what I mean, right?

Now, I haven’t actually met the new baby girl yet, because her Mama, Robin, is very protective of her (…just like a good Mama should be). If another horse were to get too close to her baby, Robin would definitely try to chase them away. That’s good maternal instinct on Robin’s part – but her baby doesn’t necessarily know how to get out of the way yet. In fact, all Baby Girl knows how to do right now is stay close to her Mama (and nurse, of course) – so Robin could accidentally hurt her baby while trying to protect her. That’s why I’m not allowed to meet Baby Girl yet. But yesterday morning, after my workout, Mommy let me watch from the arena as she went to introduce herself to Robin and the new baby. She knew that I wanted very badly to introduce myself, too!

Hurry back, Mommy! I want to hear all about the new baby!

Hurry back, Mommy! I want to hear all about the new baby!

Mommy even took pictures for me through the bars of their pipe corral so that I could see the baby better!

Wow, isn't she precious?

Wow, isn’t she precious?

While I watched from the arena, the little filly was playing and being incredibly sassy! She even cantered alongside her Mama (who was only walking), and she seemed very graceful. She has such long legs! It was amazing to see how graceful she is with those long legs, especially since it was only her first day using them! It’s taken me seven years to figure out my own long legs… and I still trip over myself sometimes! I can’t wait to see what this baby does when she gets older. I just know she’s going to be a superstar!

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 10.58.36 PM

After I had a good roll in the arena, Mommy gave me a shower and then let me graze while I dried. I love grazing in the sunshine and hanging out with my Mommy. It’s even better when some of my kitty friends come to hang out with me, too!

Hi, Olive!

Hi, Olive!

Olive came over to enjoy the sunshine with us. She’s a very sweet cat. She talks a lot! She always has something to say or a special song to sing. I want to sing along with her, but I always try to be extra calm and gentle when she’s near me so that I don’t scare her or make her think that I don’t want her around. I love having her around! I really think she likes me, too; she gives me lots of “kitty hugs” by bumping me with her head and rubbing her body or her tail against me.

I love it when you give me hugs, Olive!

I love it when you give me hugs, Olive!

After hanging out with Olive for a little while, Becky came over, too! I think she might have been jealous that Olive was getting all of the attention. She was talking up a storm!

Don't worry, Becky! There's plenty of love and sunshine to go around!

Don’t worry, Becky! There’s plenty of love and sunshine to go around!

It’s nice to have so many friends around me all the time. Friends make life so much better than it already is!


Honestly, the only thing that would make my life absolutely perfect is if Daddy were in California with us, too. Oh, and if I could start jumping five feet again. I know, I know; both of those things will happen in time. I just have to be patient.

Anyway, I guess that’s all that I have to report for tonight. I’ll keep y’all updated on the baby horse and I’ll have Mommy take lots of pictures of her every day! It’ll be fun to see Baby Girl grow up… and it’ll be cool to know what her name is going to be!

I’ll catch y’all later…

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A Fearless Princess

One of the things that I love the most about California – as I know I’ve mentioned before – is how friendly and outgoing everyone is here, and how easy it is to make friends!

You see, I’ve always been able to make friends with humans pretty easily, being that I’m super lovable and sweet (and handsome and charming) (and modest!). Most of the horses I’ve met have ended up wanting to be my friends, too… except for the ones who had a major chip on their withers (which honestly haven’t been that many). I’ve even made friends with some dogs – like Annie, the dog I became friends with when I lived at my Aunt Joyce’s house in New York.

But all my life, I’ve always wanted to make friends with a kitty. There’s just something about them; they’re so regal and independent. If you win the hard-earned love and friendship of a kitty, you know you’ve done something worthwhile. (Not like winning the friendship of a dog, where all you have to do is glance in their general direction and you’ve won them over. Don’t get me wrong, though; I’m pretty much the same way. I love making friends with dogs – because my friendship is just as easy to win!)

Anyway, I’m sure most of you remember Rocky the Kitty, right? He was a kitty that I became friends with in Tennessee. He was shy and a little nervous at first, but we quickly became buddies. The only bad part about my friendship with Rocky was that he didn’t like to hug or cuddle – and I love to hug and cuddle. 

Then, when I moved out here to California, I became friends with a kitty named Olive and also with her barn-sister, a kitty named Becky. They’re both wonderful and love to hang out with Mommy and me. But I have finally met a kitty who takes the entire carrot-cake. She’s probably my best kitty friend in the whole world, and I’ve barely known her a single day!

Yesterday, while Mommy and I were working, we noticed that we had an audience.

Look, Mommy! There's Princess!

Look, Mommy! There’s Princess!

So, when it was time to take a break, we went over to say hello.

Princess gave me the warmest, friendliest hello of any kitty I’ve ever met before. She gave me a “kitty hug” before I’d even had a chance to introduce myself!

Well, hello there, Princess! It's nice to finally meet you up close!

Well, hello there, Princess! It’s nice to finally meet you up close!

Mommy leaned down to pet Princess and say hello, too, and then Princess did something completely unexpected.

She climbed right up into Mommy’s lap… on my back!


I stood really still, because I didn’t want to scare her – but I should have known better. Any Princess who is brave enough to climb onto a horse’s back is clearly fearless!

As soon as she hopped up into the saddle, I could feel that weird, happy vibration that humans call “purring.” (I don’t know how those kitties do it, but I sure wish I could purr. There are lots of occasions when I would purr if I could, like when Daddy used to massage my ears… Or when I’m eating my grain!)

Anyway, Princess was apparently so happy to be sitting on my back that she decided to take a nap. That was fine with me, though, because it meant that I could take a longer break and just hang out, eating grass over the wall!

You just sleep as loooong as you want to, Princess!

You just sleep as loooong as you want to, Princess!

Mommy thought it was absolutely hysterical that Princess just jumped up into her lap while she was on my back, but I thought it was really cool. I knew that Princess and I would be best friends forever!

Now THAT is a happy kitty!

Now THAT is a happy kitty!

Eventually, Mommy told Princess that she’d either have to ride double with us while I finished my workout, or that she would have to get back down and watch from the sidelines. After a few more cuddles and a big hug (and head-scratchies from Mommy, which made Princess purr even louder), my newest kitty friend hopped back down onto the wall and wandered off to catch some mice, or sleep in the sunshine, or whatever it is that Princesses do in their free time.

Yep, I think I’m really going to love it here in California… In fact, I already do!

That’s about all I’ve got for you today, friends. I’ll continue to keep you updated on my California adventures; I’m sure there are many more to come. Catch y’all later!

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Best friends (come in all shapes and sizes)

Okay, so, I know y’all have heard me talk about my human, and how she’s my best friends in the whole world… And those of you who have known me a while have probably also heard me talk about Leo, my best friend at my last barn. And since I’ve moved to my new barn, I’ve told you a lot about Zii, William, Troy, and Bruce, some of the friends I’ve made here.

But there is one friend that I’ve made at my new barn who is completely different than any of my other friends. I know you’ve heard me talk about him, too… His name is Rocky the Kitty. (Not to be confused with Rocky the Pony!)

Yup, that's Rocky the Kitty!

Yup, that’s Rocky the Kitty! What a Rockstar.

I met Rocky the Kitty shortly after I moved to my new barn, the place I now call home. I noticed that Rocky the Kitty was always lounging around somewhere – on the table, in a tree, on the John Deere Tractor – and I liked him instantly for that reason.

Um, Rocky? You're on camera...

Um, Rocky? You’re on camera…

What a laid back barn cat! Now, I have heard rumors that he isn’t so great at catching mice, which is what a barn cat’s job is supposed to be… but you know what I always say: live and let live! I mean, if given the choice, I’d much rather have my humans provide food for me, too, than to have to go out and catch my own.

Granted, it’s a lot easier catching grass than it is catching mice… Not that I’ve ever tried to catch a mouse, that is.

Anyway, when we first met, Rocky the Kitty was a bit wary of me. You have to understand, he’s around horses all day; he’s heard all the best lines about “Wanting to hang out sometime,” and “It’s okay that I’m bigger and stronger than you, we can be equals in our friendship,” and all that. But to my knowledge, none of the other horses ever really followed through.

What a cool kitty.

“Not that same line again, please. I’ve heard it all before.”

Well, over the past few months since I’ve been at this barn – and in particular, the last two months while I was “out of commission,” so to speak – my humans have been stopping by anywhere from 1 to 3 times each day. The days that they come by more often, there’s usually a visit (or two) where we’re the only ones at the barn.

During those times, Rocky the Kitty began coming over and hanging around in our general vicinity. He’d say hello and whatnot, but he would mostly just keep to himself… while staying pretty close by.

"Hey Icchy. I'm just passing through."

“Hey Icchy. I’m just passing through.”

Gradually, he began to come closer and spend more time actually hanging out with us! He tried to be sneaky about it at first – like how he hides in the bushes sometimes – but we all welcomed him into our little family with open arms!

You don't have to hide, Rocky! Come hang out with us!

You don’t have to hide, Rocky! Come hang out with us!

Once Rocky the Kitty and I became friends, we grew pretty close, pretty quickly. He always comes running over whenever he sees me out of my stall, and he just chills with my humans and me. He even follows us around, if we’re on the move!

Hey there, Rocky! Want to hang out?

“Hey Icarus, let’s go play!”

I had the day off today, just like I thought I would. Mommy came to the barn in the morning to get me out of my stall, take off my standing wraps, let me stretch my legs and let me eat some grass. Rocky the Kitty came with us and we made our way out to my favorite patch of grass.

Chillin' with my best friend.

Chillin’ with my best friend.

Rocky hung out and waited patiently on the tractor until I was ready to move to another patch of grass.

"Almost ready to move on, Icchy?"

“Almost ready to move on, Icchy? This scenery is getting old!”

So, after eating that grass for a while, we decided to move a little further and check out another patch with lots of clover. Rocky said that he was just going to chill on the mounting block and sing for a little while. He really likes to sing. And he’s really good at it, too!

"...Cuz I've got cat class and I've got cat styyyyle!"

“…Cuz I’ve got cat class and I’ve got cat styyyyle!”

I made sure to tell him what a great singer he is. I think we all need a bit of affirmation now and then, you know? And that’s really what being a friend is all about – offering your friends support and encouragement!

Great song, Rocky!

Great song, Rocky!

Well, that and sticking up for each other against bullies. I know I’m bigger than Rocky, but he has claws and he’s always willing to stick them out to protect me!

"That's right, Icchy! Show me where the bullies are and I'll protect you!"

“That’s right, Icchy! Show me where the bullies are and I’ll protect you!”

Anyway, after he was tired of singing, we just hung out in silence and watched the birds go by.

Well, Rocky the Kitty watched the birds go by. I just ate as much grass and clover as I could!

Best friends!

Best friends!

All in all, it was a pretty awesome morning, just hanging out with Mommy and my best friend, Rocky the Kitty. I stayed in my stall all day because it was supposed to rain, but Mommy came back in the evening, as per her usual.

When she put me in the round pen to “get out my sillies,” I really didn’t have any “sillies” that needed out. I was relaxed and tired, but I also knew that something even better was coming for me, soon…

Okay, Mommy. I'm done. Let's go!

Okay, Mommy. I’m done. Let’s go!

And do you know what it was, that was so much better than being turned out in the round pen?

Being turned out in a GRASS PADDOCK!

That’s right, friends. I got to go out in a grass paddock for a couple hours tonight! I was by myself, but the paddock was HUGE and had LOTS of really, really sweet clover. Plus, there were horses in the paddocks near me, so I didn’t even feel worried or alone.

Look at all this grass! How am I going to eat it ALL in only a couple hours?!

Look at all this grass! How am I going to eat it ALL in only a couple hours?!

Mommy stuck around for a while to supervise me, just to make sure that I wasn’t going to gallop around and be too silly for my own good, like I sometimes do when I’m excited. But I knew better this time. I trotted and cantered a little, but then I just put my head down and got to eating!

Once they saw that I was going to relax and stay calm, Mommy knew they could leave me alone and let the new barn manager, Jenna, bring me back inside when I was finished eating the grass. They waved goodbye as they were leaving, and Mommy said that she’ll be here in the morning to ride!

Bye, Mommy! Bye, Daddy!

Bye, Mommy! Bye, Daddy!

Jenna brought me in a couple hours later, took off my boots and checked me over to make sure I was still in one piece. Now I think I’m ready to hit the shavings and get some shut eye! I have to have lots of energy tomorrow morning when Mommy gets here for my workout, because I want her to know that I’m back in the game! I’ll be sure to let y’all know how it goes!

And I think I see Rocky the Kitty sleeping on the ledge outside my stall – so I won’t even feel alone tonight, being the only horse in the barn. (Goodnight, Rocky! Thanks for being my best friend.)

Catch y’all tomorrow!

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Rainy days are not okay!

Someone told me the other day that August in Tennessee is supposed to be hot and dry, with no rain. In fact, last year in August, we actually had a drought! It didn’t rain for weeks; all the grass turned brown, the ground was as hard as rocks, and my friends and I all became very light from being bleached by the sun.

Last August, my first time jumping a brick wall! Look at how sun-bleached I am!

Last August, my first time jumping a brick wall! Look at how sun-bleached I was!

This year is totally different.

This year, the rain has been coming in floods… quite literally! In fact, it’s been raining so much lately that Mommy and I haven’t gotten to work since the last time I told you about it, a few days ago!

Okay, actually, I guess that’s not entirely true. The weather today is nice, but Mommy is sick with a “human virus,” so she wasn’t feeling well enough to ride me today. Which is a shame, because she was fine a couple days ago – the day after our last workout – and actually wanted to ride, but it was pouring down rain by the time she got to the barn.

Wow... look at all that rain.

Wow… look at all that rain.

The next day, Mommy came and got me out again… but it was still raining, so I was only able to stand in the barn aisle and watch the rain… again. Mommy was still feeling sick, though, so she didn’t come back in the evening to get me out and let me graze when the rain stopped.

Instead, she sent Daddy! Even though I missed Mommy, hanging out with Daddy was a really awesome treat.

Chilling with Daddy, eating some grass...

Chilling with Daddy, eating some grass…

Daddy and I chilled together for a while, and then one of my best friends, Rocky the Kitty, came over to hang out with us, too!

Oh, hey Rocky! I almost didn't see you there!

Oh, hey Rocky! I almost didn’t see you there!

Rocky likes to hide in the bushes and sneak up on me sometimes. He always follows me around, especially in the afternoons and evenings when Daddy and I (or Mommy and I) are the only ones at the farm. He’s my trusted sidekick!

There's Rocky in the background, chillin' on the tractor!

There’s Rocky in the background, chillin’ on the tractor!

It took Rocky a while to warm up to me, though. I think he was scared at first because I’m so much bigger than he is. That’s okay, though; now we’re best friends, and I love having him around when we’re hanging out!

Anyway, Mommy came out to see me this morning. Even though it wasn’t raining, she still felt too sick to ride. So, she put me in the round pen for a while so that I could roll in the sand, get out my sillies and stretch my legs. There was a lot going on at the farm today, so I had a lot of fun watching the hustle and bustle.

Checking out the goings-on...

Checking out the goings-on…

Then, instead of putting me back into my own stall, Mommy walked me up the hill and put me into one of the dry-paddocks!

Taking it all in...

Taking it all in…

I was alone, but she said that there would be other horses coming into the nearby paddocks pretty soon. It felt nice to get to walk around and look at something new; I’ve been in my stall for so long now, I was starting to wonder if I’d ever get to be turned out again!

Mommy gave me some hay in a couple different places, and I had to take a bite from each little pile before I could decide which one I wanted to start with.

Mmmm... this pile of hay tastes just as good as the last one!

Mmmm… this pile of hay tastes just as good as the last one!

After I settled into my new paddock, Mommy told me that I would get to go outside there during the days for a while, before she moves me to a grass paddock. Then, she gave me a kiss and said goodbye!

I hope that I’ll get to work tomorrow, but I’ll let y’all know either way. Stay cool, friends, and have a great weekend!

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