Heaven in a Hay Roll!

Y’all, I just have to go on a little rant about how awesome my life is. I’m in heaven! It may be freezing outside, but life couldn’t be better.

Just when I was beginning to wonder what my friends and I were going to do when the grass in our paddock was all eaten up, my Auntie Carrie brought us a GIGANTIC HAY ROLL! I’ve never seen a stack of hay this big before. It’s amazing!

Hey, Mommy! Look at what I have!

Hey, Mommy! Look at what I have!

When Mommy arrived at the barn the day the hay roll got here, she came out to the paddock to bring me in for some quality time. I walked over to the gate, eager to show her the best part of my day. Once she put my halter on, I turned and brought her over to the biggest pile of hay in the world… and took a huge bite! She laughed and said she was happy for me… but not nearly as happy as was!

Yum! I love my life!

Yum! I love my life!

When it’s cold outside, and especially when it’s cold and windy and there’s no shelter, it’s really important that we horses have a way to keep warm – aside from wearing our winter jackets. Eating is a great way to help us keep our body temperatures up, but in the winter when there’s no grass, we need a little assistance from our humans. That’s why my Auntie Carrie got a hay roll for each paddock! I love my life and I love my home. I also love being in the paddock with Lewis, Doc, Rudy and Canuck. It’s like having my own little herd! We’re all friends, and I just do what everyone else tells me to do. We all take turns eating the giant hay roll, and when we’re full, we take a nap in the sunshine with our warm blankets on.

I could just stand and eat at the hay all day long.


Yup, I’m in heaven.

Since it’s been below freezing for the past several days, Mommy and I haven’t been able to do any work. In fact, Mommy has barely been out to see me at all! Now, don’t get me wrong; she or Daddy (or both of them) come to see me every day, but lately they haven’t been staying very long. Mommy showed up in the middle of the day yesterday, and she didn’t even bring me out of the paddock! She just picked my feet as I was eating my hay pile in the paddock, gave me kisses and hugs and then ran back to the warm truck. I don’t blame her, though; the wind was pretty strong, and she doesn’t even have a layer of fur underneath her human clothes, like I have underneath my blanket!

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up again so that Mommy and I can do some more work. I love getting to hang out with my friends and eat hay all day, but I love working even more. So, Old Man Winter, if you’re reading this… how about a vacation? You look like you need one…

I guess that’s about all I have to say for now, friends. I’m heading inside for the night, and I think my dinner grain will be ready soon. So I’m going to eat dinner, munch on some hay, and fall asleep in the warm, cozy barn next to all my friends. I hope y’all stay warm and have a great weekend!

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