Old Man Winter

Has it really been that long since my last post? Sorry, y’all; I guess I just have to blame it on the weather. It’s been freezing outside lately, and I haven’t wanted to take my hoof-warmers off long enough to type out a blog! It’s not even winter yet, but Old Man Winter is definitely hanging around. Last night it got down to 20 degrees, but it should be a little warmer today… maybe in the mid-50’s. Either way, I’m keeping my warm jacket on! And by that, I mean my awesome pink blanket!

I love my warm blanket! I don't even care that it's pink!

I love my warm blanket! I don’t even care that it’s pink!

Well, when Mommy got to the barn yesterday, I could tell that she was ready to ride. But when she brought me in to groom me and tack me up, she saw the cut that was on my ankle. It had just happened that morning, only a little while before Mommy got there. It wasn’t a big cut or a deep cut, but it was covered in dried blood mixed with grass and dirt… and my hoof had dried blood on it, too. Mommy made a big fuss over me and asked if I was okay; of course I said I was, because I didn’t want my friends to think I was weak. Mommy was concerned because it bled a lot for a little cut, but not enough for it to indicate hitting any important veins or anything. She was just sad because she hates it when I’m in pain. She wanted to know what happened, but I didn’t want to tell her that it was because I was being cheeky again, and I might have been misbehaving. I just told her it was an accident… because it was!

There it is! The nasty little cut!

There it is! The nasty little cut!

I wanted to pretend like I was fine and that I could still work, but once Mommy cleaned the cut out with the hose, it was even more sore than it had been before. As Mommy was putting triple-antibiotic ointment on the cut, I couldn’t help jerking my leg away repeatedly. It stung really bad! Even the area around the cut was painful by then. I wasn’t exactly limping, but Mommy could tell that I was sore because of the cut. So, she told me that I was not to work that day, even though she and I both really wanted to. Mommy also said that the cut would keep coming back open if I worked, and it would get sand in it from the footing in the arena, and that would hurt really, really bad. 

I just have to say that I love my Mommy more than anything in the world (except for Daddy) (and marshmallows). Do you know what Mommy decided to do instead of making me work? She decided to take me over by my friend, Baby George, and let me graze in the long, delicious grass! Baby George is a little baby pony. He used to have a best friend named Hooch, but poor Baby Hooch passed away. We all miss him – especially Baby George – so I try to be nice to Baby George and let him talk to me about it when he’s sad. After all, he lives in the stall right next to me!

Mommy loves Baby George, too. While I was grazing, Mommy was picking little handfuls of grass and feeding them to him! I liked seeing that (and I wasn’t even jealous!) because I know that George is still a little shy with humans, and eating from someone’s hand is still a little bit outside of his comfort zone. So it was a really good experience for him! Mommy made sure that she didn’t give him too  much grass, though,  because he’s still just a baby and the long grass we were eating is very rich.

There's Baby George, eating grass from Mommy's hand!

There’s Baby George, eating grass from Mommy’s hand!

After I grazed for the better part of an hour, Mommy decided that it was time to clean out my cut again, put new dressing on it, and let me go back outside into my paddock for the rest of the day. She said that she’d ride me today if the cut wasn’t infected or painful, and if it was infected or painful, she’d have to clean it out really well again and put a little bandage over it.

When Mommy brought me back to my paddock, my friend, Lewis, came over to say hi to me!

Hi, friend!

Hi, friend!

I went to my favorite spot and laid down to roll. I do love my warm blanket, but it gets itchy after wearing it for a while. Rolling is the best way to scratch all the itches!

My favorite rolling spot!

My favorite rolling spot!

Lewis came over while I was rolling to check out the spot and see if that’s where he wanted to roll, too.

I love this spot! It's perfect! What do you think, Lewis?

I love this spot! It’s perfect! What do you think, Lewis?

He must have agreed with me, because he laid down and rolled in the same spot as soon as I got up and walked away!

What a beautiful day! Come hang out when you're done, Lewis!

What a beautiful day! Come hang out when you’re done, Lewis!

Anyway, I hope Mommy will decide that I’m fit for work this afternoon because I have a lot of energy! And I heard talk around the barn that there’s another huge storm blowing in this weekend, which means I’ll have a ton of energy and I’ll be cooped up in my stall all weekend! I’ll let you know what happens.

For now though, friends, I’m off to graze for a little while before Mommy gets here. Stay warm! Catch y’all later…

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