Days in the sun

Friends, the past few days, I’ve been getting into a pretty awesome routine. I’ve been getting to go outside in the grass paddock next to my barn, and that’s where I spend the majority of my days now. It feels good to be out on the grass again; I want to make sure that I am always on my best behavior, because I don’t want to have my grass-paddock-privileges revoked any time soon!

All decked out in my UV fly-sheet, fly mask and boots!

All decked out in my UV fly-sheet, fly mask and boots!

Speaking of being on my best behavior…

Yesterday, when Mommy showed up to the barn, I was hesitant to come out of my stall. I didn’t want her to see what I had done to my back leg, and I just knew she would see it immediately.

She did.

It’s not that I did anything that terrible to my leg, you see; all I did was give myself a little knick on the inside of my back left leg when I was rolling in the shavings the night before. But… the tiny little cut made my WHOLE ENTIRE LEG swell up to be HUGE, and I knew Mommy wouldn’t be happy about it.

Mommy cleaned the cut out really well and cold-hosed my leg to make the swelling go down. She didn’t seem too worried about it, though, because I wasn’t too worried about it. My leg itself didn’t hurt, and Mommy could see that the cut wasn’t big or deep. So, she dressed the wound, wrapped he cut, put my boots and fly mask on and turned me out in the grass paddock.

“Walk around as much as you can while you eat,” she told me. “That will help the circulation in your leg, and the swelling will go down.”

I always try my best to do what Mommy tells me to do.

Mommy stuck around for a while to hang out with me. She just sat on the fence and watched me eat grass, and it was nice knowing that she was right there. After a little while, I heard her meowing like a cat, and I was about to walk over and ask what she was doing – when I saw Rocky the Kitty come running down the hill toward us!

Here comes Rocky the Kitty!

Here comes Rocky the Kitty!

He’d heard her calling to him, and answered right away!

Rocky hung out with us for quite a while. He and Mommy just sat in the shade, chatting and enjoying the beautiful day while I chomped away happily on the grass.

Just chillin' with Rocky the Kitty.

Just chillin’ with Rocky the Kitty.

Rocky the Kitty is such a cool cat. I’m glad that he’s my best friend.

My best friend!

My best friend! Rocky totally ROCKS!

I spent the rest of the day outside in the grass before coming in for the night. Mommy came back later and wrapped my back legs in standing wraps to help with the swelling – which had already begun to go down, just like Mommy thought it would. She  asked me if I would please make sure that my leg was completely better by the next day – meaning today – because she really wanted to ride. I said I would do my best…

And sure enough, when Mommy got here this morning, my leg was fine! The little cut was still a bit swollen, but the swelling in the rest of my leg had gone away entirely. Mommy was so relieved – and so was I!

We had a tough flat workout, but it was still a lot of fun. And it was a beautiful day!

Cooling down after my workout with Mommy!

Cooling down after my workout with Mommy!

I never mind working hard, but I can tell that I’m going to be pretty sore for a while. It’s amazing that my muscles can be so out of shape after only having two months off! It’s not that I get out of breath or anything; my stamina is still fantastic. It’s just that my neck and back muscles aren’t used to being in a nice frame… so there will definitely be a period of adjustment. That’s okay, though; at least I’m back in the game!

Alright, friends, I’m going to go eat as much grass as I can before I have to come in for dinner. I hope y’all are enjoying some beautiful days in the sun!

Another wonderful day in the sun!

Another wonderful day in the sun!

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