Working man, take two

I know, I know… It’s been too long since I’ve written. Let me just say that this month has been rather frustrating.

It all started with that nail that was just a little too close, which bruised my laminae; I couldn’t work or go outside for a month.

But then I was better, and Mommy and I got to work a couple times!

But then… the boys and I were playing a little rough in the paddock, and one thing led to another, and… well… I came in with a front right leg that was badly swollen and hot, just about the same area as the splint that I already have. It was twice as disappointing, though, because my Uncle Jody and his daughter, Skylar, were there to see Mommy and me work. Mommy trotted me in the dressage arena to see if I was sound, but I wasn’t; my leg hurt, and it hurt to put weight on it. So she walked me back up the hill to the barn and cold hosed my leg for a while. She said that she was glad to see the swelling go down some after the cold hosing, because that meant that it wasn’t as serious as it looked.

Anyway, it took three days for my leg to feel better and for the swelling to go down completely. Mommy had me trot in the round pen yesterday, and I was sound, so she rode me today… and I’m still sound! I felt great, actually! I was having a hard time keeping slow and not pulling on the bit, because I just had so much energy! And I only had one small fit where I took off bucking. But Mommy understood.

We only worked for about 20 minutes, but I was dripping with sweat by the end of it. It was hot today!

Mommy found a five-leaf clover, so she said that she thinks something good is going to happen soon. I think that means we’re going to be back to work… again. Finally.

A good omen!

A good omen!

It’s probably needless for me to even say that I’m not allowed to go outside at night for a while. I get to hand walk and, if I behave nicely, I get to graze a little.

So, anyway, when Mommy and Daddy got to the barn tonight, I had a lot of energy. There was an open paddock, and Mommy wanted me to stretch and graze a little, so we started walking out toward the paddock. I just couldn’t stay calm though, so we went to the round pen instead. As soon as Daddy took off my halter, I took off running and bucking! I had to get out some of that energy!

The look of crazy!

The look of crazy!

I was still sound, to Mommy’s relief, and once I had exhausted my energy, Mommy said she would let me graze in the paddock for a half hour, supervised, and only if I behaved and stayed calm. I had lost my paddock privileges. (So this is what it’s come to, Mommy?)

Walking to the paddock...

Walking to the paddock…


When we got to the paddock, I met Cav and Isis over the fence.

Meet Isis and Cav! They're awesome!

Meet Isis and Cav! They’re awesome!

We all got along really well. Cav even stretched his neck over the fence and started to groom on me. I returned the favor. Isis and I have met before, and she likes me, too. She didn’t even squeal at me like other mares do sometimes. She just said hi and then let Cav and me get to know each other a little. He’s nice, and I think we would like to be friends.

Isis, Cav and me

Isis, Cav and me

Mommy said she would let me eat a little grass and took off my lead rope. I trotted around a little, and then I went to the far end and galloped back over to where Cav and Isis were. They cheered me on, but Mommy put my lead rope back on and said that I only got the one chance, and I’d blown it. I guess she was right, though; I know better, I just can’t help myself sometimes.

Walking back from the paddock.

Walking back from the paddock.

Anyway, I walked for a while, and then I got a shower, and then I got to go into my stall with my fan on until I was dry. Mommy and Daddy said goodnight… but it was undetermined as to whether I’d get to work tomorrow. So… I’ll let you know.

That’s about all I have to say about that. Catch y’all later.

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