They call me the working man

All I can say about yesterday is… wow. It was amazing! It was the hardest workout I’ve had since being back to work, but it was also definitely the best.

My Uncle Jody came to the barn with Mommy and Daddy, and he was excited to watch me work, seeing as how I was still out of commission when he first met me.

We went down to the jumping arena, which was wet but not slippery; I walked for a long time before Mommy asked me to begin working. We only worked for about twenty minutes, but we did a lot more than we have been: I did some flying lead changes, and Uncle Jody figured the concept out right away!

Then, I got the best surprise ever: Daddy hopped on for a little while! I missed working out with my Daddy. It felt good to canter around with him a couple times. And I think we impressed Uncle Jody, too!


Daddy and me!

I learned that my Daddy is going away for four days, so I won’t get to see him until he comes home. That made our ride together even more special.

Anyway, after Daddy and I cantered for a little while and did one really great flying lead change, I was completely exhausted! We walked to cool down, and then I got to have a cold shower and lots of treats before going outside for the night with my friends.

Today, Mommy said I get an easy, light workout in the round pen, so I can have a break from someone being on my back. Not that I’m a wuss or anything, but she’s right; after not being ridden for a month, I’m pretty tired these days.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes; I just hope it’s not as hot as it has been lately when Mommy gets here to work me! Stay cool, friends… catch y’all later!

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