Back in the saddle… again!

That’s right, friends… My Mommy was officially back in the saddle today! I have to admit, it was a little uncomfortable having a saddle on – and especially a girth – after an entire month without working. But once I got used to it again, all I could think about was how excited I was to be working again!

I was pretty tense, though; there was a lot of construction going on, which always means sudden, loud noises – but I held myself together the best I could, for the sake of Mommy. I didn’t even spook… Well, only once, anyway. And Mommy was ready for it. All I did was spin and try to bolt. And only the one time, like I said! I just wish Daddy could have been there to see us.

That's right, friends! I'm back!!

That’s right, friends! I’m back!!

We didn’t work very long – only about fifteen minutes – because Mommy wants to make sure that I work my way slowly back into shape. She said there’s no reason to rush it; after being off for a month, it’s not going to hurt to take our time. It will hurt, though, if I try to rush the process – and then I would have to have more time off! I definitely don’t want that. And besides, it was really hot today! We couldn’t have worked longer than fifteen minutes, even if I had been in shape. (That may or may not be true, but let’s just go with it, okay?)

Anyway, we did the basics – walk, trot, canter, and one flying lead change – and Mommy declared our workout finished. I was tired, but not so tired that I couldn’t still dance and look sideways at every little thing we passed as we walked back up the hill! I got a nice, cold shower, a clean stall, cold, fresh water and some hay – and then Mommy left, though she said she would be back later.

When she came back later, I was already out in the paddock with my friends. Mommy brought Daddy, and Daddy brought an apple… and then he dumped out our water trough and refilled it with clean, fresh, COLD water!

Mmm! Thanks, Daddy!

Mmm! Thanks, Daddy!

There’s nothing better than an apple and cold water on a hot day… Except for another cold shower!

Okay, now you're getting carried away... Stop that!

Okay, now you’re getting carried away… Stop that!

After spoiling me (as usual), Mommy and Daddy each gave me a kiss and said goodnight. Mommy said that I should rest up tonight, because I get to work again tomorrow! I’m so excited, and completely determined to be on my best behavior!

We’ll see how that one goes… Catch y’all later!

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