A summer evening

Well, even though I’m still not completely healed – and therefore still can’t work – I had a great day today.

Do you remember the other day, when I told you that I met my Uncle Jody for the first time? Well, today, I got to meet his daughter! She’s a very smart, sweet, funny girl who loves horses. And I love her, too!


I love my new friend, Skylar!

In fact, I love her so much, I asked my Mommy if I could give Skylar a ride. Since Uncle Jody said it was okay – and so did Mommy – Skylar and I got to go for a walk together! Of course, she put on a helmet, and Mommy walked near us for a long time. I tried to behave the best I could, because Skylar rode me bareback, and only in my halter. I stayed calm and listened to everything Skylar asked me to do. I even turned on my haunches for her (although I don’t think she quite appreciated the fluidity in my execution of that rather difficult move).

Skylar did give me lots of treats, and thanked me for the ride. I told her it was my pleasure, and that she could come visit me any time she wanted to.

Thanks for the treats!

Thanks for the treats!

Skylar also came out to the field to say hello to my other friends, Troy, Zii and Bruce.

Bruce already made another friend!

Bruce already made another friend!

It was a great day, and I hope that my Uncle Jody and my new friend, Skylar, come back again soon.

I just know that this means I’m getting better, and that my Mommy will be able to ride me soon, too! I’ll let you know. Catch y’all later!

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