The countdown begins!

Okay, so, there’s not actually a countdown… but pretty soon, I’ll be back to work – I just know it! Today was a great day. My friend, John the Farrier, came and put my shoe back on. I tried hard to behave, but I couldn’t help being a little bad. And by that, I mean that I was very naughty. I wouldn’t hold still, and I wouldn’t let John hold my leg for longer than a few seconds at a time. We were on the grass, though, since the cross ties were in use, and there was a lot going on around me! It’s hard for a little guy like me to keep my cool when I have so much energy!

Mommy put me back into my stall with some hay and said she’d be by again later. She came back with a guy that she introduced to me as my “Uncle Jody,” and we hung out for a while and ate some grass. Well, I ate some grass. They just sat in the grass. And they sat on all the good grass, too.

Chillin' with my Uncle Jody!

Chillin’ with my Uncle Jody!

We hung out for a while, and then Mommy put me back into my stall. She said that she and my Uncle Jody were going to pick up Daddy from work, and that she and Daddy would be back later.

Sure enough, Mommy and Daddy were back a couple hours later. And you know what? I actually got to run around in the round pen again! I felt great! I was a little stiff and sore at first, but the more I moved, the better I began to feel. Soon, I was feeling great – and Mommy said that I was almost completely sound!

Stretching it out at the trot..

Stretching it out at the trot..

I have to stay in for one more night, just to make sure my foot doesn’t still hurt. If I feel fine tomorrow, though, then I get to go out at night with my friends! I’m excited to get to know my new friend, Bruce. He’s such a nice horse.

After that, I’ll finally get to work again! I can’t wait!

Anyway, friends, that’s all I have to say. Stay cool out there in this heat; I’ll catch y’all later…

Mommy and Me

Mommy and Me

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