The waiting is the hardest part…

Okay, I have a confession to make. I was kind of… awful… today. Not that I was trying to be naughty; I just had a lot of energy. My humans didn’t blame me or anything, but when they turned me out in the round pen, I just went nuts!

Woo hoo! I feel great!

Woo hoo! I feel great!

Mommy wouldn’t stay in the round pen with me, because I was out of control! Running and bucking and having a really good time.

You see, I got out yesterday in the middle of the day, and then I was in my stall the rest of the day… all night… and all today, too. I mean, okay, my Mommy and Daddy did come twice each day to get me out and hand-walk me. But that’s not enough exercise! So that’s why I had so much energy when they let me go into the round pen today to play.

I did make sure to let Daddy and Mommy know how much better I feel. I mean, the only reason I still have a little hitch in my giddy-up is because I don’t have a shoe on!

Hanging out with my Daddy.

Hanging out with my Daddy.

Apparently, though, my friend – John the Farrier – will be there tomorrow afternoon to put my shoe back on! I’ll still have to stay in my stall for one more day after that, but if I’m not sore by the next day, I get to go out at night with my friends!

I have a new friend, too. A horse named Bruce will be joining our herd! He looks a lot like my friend Troy, but he’s somewhat bigger. He has more brown in his hair, whereas Troy’s hair has silver in it.

I got to meet him tonight, even though I didn’t get to go and hang out with him.

Hi, Bruce! I'm Icchy!

Hi, Bruce! I’m Icchy!

Anyway, on the walk back to the barn – and while Mommy and Daddy were giving me a shower – I just couldn’t get myself to behave. I was antsy and jumpy and I wanted to go back out and run again!

When all was said and done, though, I was happy to have had a shower. I got a new bandage on my foot, and then I got to go back to my clean stall with lots of hay and fresh water – enough to last me through the night. I’ll try to be better tomorrow, because I’m almost back to work! 

Catch y’all later…

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