Almost there…

The other day, my friend, John the Farrier, came by to check on my foot; although I’ve had moments when it didn’t feel so bad, for the most part, I was still feeling pretty sore. John the Farrier took my shoe off and checked for an abscess, since we all thought there might be one forming. But as it turned out, there was no abscess anywhere!

John the Farrier, checking my foot.

“Whatcha doing, John?”

So, John put my shoe back on a little more loosely than before, and said he’d check with Mommy daily to see how I’m doing. But as it turns out, I’m already feeling much better. My foot feels a little better every day, and today, I even got to work in the round pen for a little while!

Workin' out my sillies!

Workin’ out my sillies!

I think it will be a couple more days before I can really get back to work, but I’m ready. I can’t wait!

Mommy said I’m getting fat. I was offended at first, until I realized that she sounded really happy about it. So, I figure it must be a good thing! (I guess time off is good for something, after all.)

Day-dreaming about jumping...

Day-dreaming about jumping…

Well, I guess that’s all I have to report, today. I’m feeling happier today than I have been. I think this is going to be a good week!

Be well, friends. Catch y’all later.

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One thought on “Almost there…

  1. Christine Izzo

    He is such a beautiful horse. I really enjoy ready about his adventures. Wishing you all the best. It looks like a really nice place there in Tennessee!

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