Being lame is… lame!

I hate being lame!

I hate being lame!

Friends, I’m sorry that I don’t have anything exciting to report. As you can probably already guess, I’m still lame… and being lame is lame! 

Aside from the fact that my foot still hurts, I don’t get to work at all. Life is so boring when I don’t get to work! At least I get to go outside with my friends at night, though. I have to have Bute twice a day, which I hate because it tastes awful, even if it does lessen the pain… and Mommy has to soak my foot in warm water with Epsom salt twice a day, too.

Although, I have to admit that there is one upside to being lame. Everyone dotes on me more than usual, and I get a lot of extra treats! I don’t even care that they’re “sympathy” treats (but I do confess, I definitely put it on more than normal for everyone).

It’s been hot lately, so I stay in my stall during the day. Mommy always makes sure that I have lots of hay, and she always turns the fan on for me, too. My friend Zii is usually in during the day, too, and he’s in the stall next to me. It’s nice to have one of my best friends right next to me! He hates being inside though, and always makes a racket by hitting his hoof against the stall gate, in an attempt to convince someone to let him out! I try to tell him that it’s better to be inside when it’s so hot, but does he listen? No, of course not!

Well, anyway, I guess I’ll go and see what the others are up to. I think it’s going to be a nice night; it’s not as hot tonight as it was last night. I hope y’all are keeping cool and that none of you ever, EVER have to deal with a hot nail. Catch y’all later…

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