A long, hot summer…

Friends, I have a feeling it’s going to be a long, hot summer.

Although it has been raining quite a bit lately, the rain hasn’t done much to assuage the heat; that being said, I’d definitely rather it rain while it’s warm outside than while it’s cold outside! It’s much more pleasant standing out in the rain during the summer!

Anyway, after my big jumping day last week, Mommy gave me a semi-day-off the following day, taking me into the round pen to free lunge me and join up with me again.

Trotting in the round pen!

Trotting in the round pen!

I didn’t work for very long – only long enough to play and be silly and stretch out my muscles. After I was finished, Mommy gave me a shower and let me graze for a long time. We stood up on the hill near the round pen and watched the jumping lessons that were going on down below, in the jumping arena.

Look, you can see the round pen behind me!

Look, you can see the round pen behind me!

The next day was dark and rainy all day. Mommy stopped by in the morning, hoping for a break in the weather so we could get in a workout, but we had no such luck. She spent a while grooming me and drying me off from the rain, and then gave me some hay and said she would be back later to try again.

Sure enough, she and Daddy came back in the evening, and the rain had stopped! The farm was preparing to host a horse show the next day, so we only got to have a quick workout; we didn’t want to get in the way! We worked on lots of flying lead changes, and I got to watch while the owner of the barn, Grace, and her daughter, Caroline, made the jumps extra spooky for the competition!

Cooling out with Mommy...

Cooling out with Mommy…

The day of the horse show was filled with excitement and new faces! It was going to be a mini-event, which meant that each rider would compete in dressage, stadium jumping and cross country. Usually, in bigger “Three Day Events,” those are each done on a different day; this show, however, was mostly for kids and young horses who were all just learning to become eventers.

Mommy arrived in the morning and let me stretch in the round pen again; she didn’t think we would be able to do any real work, since she didn’t know how late the horse show would end. But I got to trot and canter and buck in the round pen – just to get out my nervous excitement – and then Mommy asked me if I wanted to try going out to my paddock, so I wouldn’t have to stay in my stall all day. The only thing was that I would be alone, since William had left and Troy was going to be competing all day.

Well, needless to say, I did not want to be out in the paddock alone. I was just too nervous and excited about all the commotion, and plus, it was awfully hot outside!

But I did get a good roll in the mud, and I was happy about that!

Yay! I love rolling in the mud!

Yay! I love rolling in the mud!

Until, of course, Mommy took me to the wash-rack and washed all of it off. At least I got to cool off, though!

After letting me graze for a while until I was dry, Mommy put me back into my stall with a lot of hay and some cold water. I thought she was going to leave, but I found out later that she ended up staying for a few hours and helping out by judging the stadium jumping portion of the mini-event!

A panoramic view of the jumping arena, from up on the hill!

A panoramic view of the jumping arena, from up on the hill!

She came to check on me a few times, and I told her all about the new horses and new people I had met. I was on my best behavior, and I made sure to ham it up for everyone who came by; I made faces, smiled, whinnied and showed everyone what a silly, happy horse I am! I really love making new friends.

Mommy left in the afternoon, and to my surprise, it was Daddy who came back later that night. He got me out and let me go into the round pen to stretch, too – they really love having a round pen where we can work and stretch and play – but I wasn’t really in the mood to do anymore work. So he gave me another shower, let me graze, and put me outside into my paddock with my best friend, Troy.

Today was a hot day. I was even sweating, just standing in my stall! Daddy stopped by in the morning and gave me a shower, then he let me graze until I was dry. He said Mommy would be coming later to ride me, and when she arrived, I was sweaty all over again! It was just too hot, and without any breeze at all.

Mommy knew that it was too hot to do much work, so we had a really easy, light ride on the flat. I was also pretty stiff from standing in my stall (and from the heat, too), so she made sure to let me stretch as much as I wanted.

Stretching out at the trot...

Stretching out at the trot…

We did a couple lead changes and took LOTS of walking breaks; after about twenty minutes, Mommy declared that we had both had enough, so we cooled out and then headed back up the hill. I got to have a nice, cold shower, and then Daddy grazed me in the shade for another half hour. It was much nicer in the shade; I swear it was 15 degrees cooler, and there was even a little breeze!

I was very happy to find that the fan inside my stall was on when I got back! Even though it would only be a couple more hours before I got my dinner grain and then went out to the pasture with Troy for the night, it felt much better inside my stall with the fan on.

I said goodnight to Mommy and Daddy, ate a little hay, took a nap and waited for my dinner grain. It’s a bit cooler now, out here in the paddock – but I do hope that Mommy will come to ride me later in the evening tomorrow. For now, though, I’m going to go enjoy some grass with Troy before taking another long nap under the stars.

Stay cool, friends; I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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