An evening of jumping

I know you must think that I say this a lot… but today was amazing!

Despite the fact that today was the first day in a long time that I didn’t see either my Mommy or my Daddy in the morning (which made me very sad at the time), it turned out to be one of the best days ever!

I had already had my dinner and was eating grass in the paddock with one of my best friends, William, when Mommy and Daddy showed up. I was thrilled to see them; I couldn’t wait to find out what we were going to do for our workout. I had a growing suspicion that it would involve jumps, since there was a new course of show jumps in the arena!

You see, on Saturday, my barn will be hosting a mini-event – a competition with dressage, cross-country and show jumping. So, in preparation, the old practice jumps were taken out of the arena and replaced with the bright, colorful show jumps! Although I won’t be competing in the event, I was excited to try out the jumps.

Sure enough, I was right; Mommy told me that she planned on jumping with me today! We had a nice, slow warm-up on the flat, working on lead changes and rollbacks. I did amazingly, if I do say so myself. Not that I’m arrogant or anything; I’m just really good at what I do. Plus, I was trying to be on my best behavior; jumping is an extra-special treat for me, since I’m only allowed to jump twice each week at the very most. And I knew that if I was really well behaved, Mommy would let me jump BIG, which is an even more extra-special treat, because I’m only allowed to jump big 2 or 3 times each month.

You know Mommy and her rules… right? I wasn’t allowed to jump more than once every 10 days or so until I was fully grown at 5 and a half. I also wasn’t allowed to jump higher than 3 feet until I was full grown, and 3 feet is tiny to me! I wasn’t allowed to work more than 2 or 3 days in a row before getting a day off, though now I’m allowed to work 4 days in a row before having a day off… and occasionally I will get to work more days in a row than that, but only if I’ve had a very light week. It’s not that my Mommy is trying to keep me from having fun by limiting my jumping days; she’s actually just trying to keep me safe and healthy, because she doesn’t want me to develop DJD, or degenerative joint disease. She knows that it’s easy for a hardworking young horse like me to get DJD if I don’t have enough time to rest!

Anyway, we had an amazing ride… and I even got to jump a course of jumps, with the highest jump set to four feet and nine inches! That’s just shy of my record height, which was five feet! The other jumps were anywhere from 3’6 to 4’3. It was so much fun! I made sure to jump extra big so that Mommy would know how much fun I was having!

Here, do you want to watch a video of our ride? Check this out:

Pretty cool, right? Yeah… I sure do love my life.

Mommy said that, tomorrow, she’s going to let me have an easy, light workout, without her on my back. Now, that normally means that she is going to long-line me… but seeing as how our new barn has a round pen, it could also mean free-lunging this time. I’ll be sure to let you know, either way!

For now, I’m going to go find a soft patch of grass and catch some sleep underneath the stars. Catch y’all later…

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