A love note

In lieu of my normal post tonight, friends, I’d like to share something that my Mommy wrote. It brought tears to my eyes; I’ve always known that my Mommy loves me, but this was a powerful reminder. I feel like the luckiest horse in the world, to have two humans who love me more than life itself.


IMG_9653A Love Note From A Very Proud Mommy

In my 26 years on this tiny, beautiful planet, I have lived in California, Germany, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Miami Beach, and Nashville; I have ridden, trained and competed more horses than I can count on two hands (and two feet). Every one of those horses holds a special place in my heart, and they are each wonderful, unique individuals in their own way. But never – never – in my life have I encountered a horse as special as Icarus, with so much incredible talent and such an enormous heart. 

This horse is the great love of my existence, the driving force behind every passion inside my heart…
He is my soulmate. 

In the two and a half years that I’ve known Icarus, I have never once seen him pin his ears, even when other horses have tried to bully him; he loves every living creature equally, holds no grudges, and wants nothing more than to be loved in return. He is gentle with small animals and children, and his kind nature speaks directly to my heart. He is playful and silly, loving and sweet, loyal, hardworking and determined – and together, he and I will be unstoppable. 

Icarus has truly changed my life. He gives me strength when I think that I have none left. If I ever begin to feel like something is impossible, I simply think of my little 15.2hh rescued Thoroughbred – I think of all that he has accomplished in his young life so far, jumping the moon in spite of his size and his background – I think of all that he has yet to accomplish, and undoubtedly will… and I realize that nothing is impossible, not even my wildest dreams. 

Together, my horse and I are going to change the world.

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One thought on “A love note

  1. James

    This is absolutely beautiful.

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