The good, the bad and the jumping!

Today was an amazing day; I had so much fun! I was on my absolute best behavior… especially because I was a little bit naughty yesterday.

You see, when my Mommy got to the barn in the early afternoon yesterday, I’d been in the middle of the nap – and the last thing I felt like doing was working. My Mommy even said that she could tell I didn’t want to work, and she would do her best to let me have an easy workout… as long as I did the same.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Just be on your best behavior, and you’ll get to be done quickly!” Right? And normally I know that, but I took the complete wrong approach; I tried to rush through my workout – and I got a little carried away.

I mean, don’t get me wrong; I tried to be good, in the beginning.

Trying so hard...

Trying so hard…

But after ten minutes or so, I wanted to be finished… and that’s when I began trying to rush through the rest of it. So, instead of being done quickly, I had to work longer and harder than either of us had wanted to. But, believe me, I protested. I bucked. I spun. I even reared up once, but the tone of Mommy’s voice told me that I’d better not try that one again…

Finally, I unclenched my teeth from around the bit, took a deep breath (and so did Mommy), and I decided to stop rebelling against the idea of working. What’s done was done, and I knew that all I could do at that point was behave, and get through the rest of the workout. Mommy was frustrated, I was frustrated… It was a moot workout by that point, because all we ended up working on was staying slow and collected; the entire plan had gone out the window, the minute I decided to be ornery.

Anyway, we worked through it and ended up finishing well. By that time, we were both tired, frustrated and disappointed – so Mommy gave me a shower and let me graze a little, and then she put me back into my stall for the rest of the day.

The weather called for intermittent rain and thunder storms all night, so Mommy said I had to stay in my stall for the night, too. I was a little upset about it, especially after being in all day, but I knew she was only trying to keep me safe. I do hate the rain, and the thought of staying outside all night in the rain was not appealing!

To my surprise, Mommy and Daddy came back again later in the night, a little before the sun went down. They took me out of my stall, groomed on me, and let me walk around and graze for a while. Mommy said she knew that I would be feeling restless and stiff – and she was right. I love how well she knows me, and I love that my humans always makes sure to do the right thing for me.

Hanging out and walking with my Daddy.

Hanging out and walking with my Daddy.

It had been raining for a while before Mommy and Daddy got there, and it stopped long enough for us to have a little time outside. When the rain stopped, though, we saw the most beautiful rainbow. It was glorious… even though I don’t see colors in the same way that humans do. It was still an incredible sight to see!


Wow… Look at that! Nature sure is amazing…

I felt a lot better after getting to walk around and eat grass for a while. So, when Mommy and Daddy picked my feet and put me in my stall for the night, I was no longer upset about staying in… especially because it began to rain again, just as they were leaving!

Today, I made sure to get my nap in early this morning, so I would be fresh and ready to work when they arrived. Sure enough, I was well rested and we had a fantastic workout!

Mommy let me walk for a long time once we got down the hill to the jumping arena; we warmed up slow and stretched out for a while, because she knew that I was somewhat stiff from standing in my stall for so long. We had a long, stretchy flat workout with lots of walking breaks and a few flying lead changes in each direction. As we warmed up, Daddy was setting up the course; by the time he was finished, I was completely warmed up and my muscles felt nice and loose. So, Mommy and I warmed up over a few jumps, and then we jumped a course that was about 2’9 high. Mommy told me I did perfectly, and she asked Daddy to raise the jumps for us again.

Our next workout was a lot of fun; we changed the course a little and worked on doing rollbacks. It was fun and challenging, since the jumps ranged from 3’3 to 3’9, and the turns we took were pretty sharp! I knocked one or two of the poles down a couple times in a row, so Daddy gave Mommy and me some wise advice, and told us to try it again. We took his advice, and sure enough, we got it perfect that time! We make such a great team, the three of us! 

Flying with Mommy!

Flying with Mommy!

When we were finished with our workout, Mommy gave me a shower and let me graze for another half hour while I dried. By the time she put me back into my stall for the afternoon, I was already ready for another nap!

I was happy to find out that it isn’t supposed to rain tonight, so I’m spending another night under the stars with my friends.

Yep… I really love my life.

Catch y’all later!

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