New friends and riding in the rain!

Well, even though it’s been rainy and stormy for the past couple days, I have to say that I really, really love my new barn. I love my new friends, too.

Since it was raining all night last night – and most of the day yesterday – I didn’t get to go out to the paddock with my new friends, William and Zii. Mommy and Daddy came to get me out of my stall and groom me in the morning, and when they were finished, they took me for a walk so I could stretch my legs and graze a little while there was a break in the weather. Needless to say, I was pretty hyper! I did get to go over and see my friends in the paddock, though. They were wet, but they didn’t seem to mind the rain nearly as much as I do… I hate being outside in the rain!

Saying hi to my new best friend and next-stall neighbor, Zii!

Saying hi to my new best friend and next-stall neighbor, Zii!

After I stretched my legs for a while, it began to rain again, so Mommy and Daddy brought me back inside. They groomed me again and gave me lots of treats before putting me back into my stall. They also told me that they would be back later in the day – and, sure enough, they were!

When they arrived in the afternoon, it had stopped raining – and the footing in the dressage arena seemed to be okay, so Mommy decided that it would be good to get a ride in. After all, I had a ton of energy and didn’t know what to do with it! Mommy told me that the weather wouldn’t be too great for the next couple days (if not longer), so she wanted to make sure I took every opportunity to get my energy out. I hadn’t ridden in the dressage arena yet, and I was pretty excited – especially when I realized that my friend, Chili, was in there with her Mommy, too! I met Chili the first time I came here for a trail ride, before I moved here to stay.

Trying really hard to keep my cool...

Trying really hard to keep my cool…

Even though I had a ton of energy (and I felt like I could explode any second), I did my best to stay calm and focus on what Mommy was asking me to do. Judging by how many treats I got – both during and after my workout – I think I must have done a really good job!

Near the end of our workout, it began to rain again. It was also very cold outside – and feeling cold, wet droplets falling on me didn’t help me calm down! But I did my best, and Mommy finally said that we could be finished. She and Daddy brought me in and groomed me, and then I got to go into my stall for the night.

This morning, Mommy and Daddy arrived before I’d even had my breakfast grain. No one else was at the barn, but it wasn’t raining – so I got to have another great workout. Today, we went down to the jumping arena again. Even though I wasn’t going to jump today, Mommy felt that it would be better to ride in an arena with a fence… just in case I needed to “get my sillies out,” as she so tactfully put it. And she was right… I was feeling very silly today, and I was glad that she wasn’t upset at me for throwing a little buck now and then! She actually laughed – as did my Daddy. That’s why I love them so much; they always know exactly what I need.

It was pretty cold out this morning, so Mommy put on my blue quarter sheet to keep me warm.

Getting ready to enter the arena...

Getting ready to enter the arena…

Even though I was energetic, we still had a really good, 45-minute workout. Daddy set up some cantering poles for us; first, he set them at normal stride-lengths, and then he moved them closer so I would have to collect my canter in order to get the striding correct. It was a lot of fun, even though it was a little harder for me to collect my canter today, seeing as how I had so much energy!

Getting ready to go through the cantering poles again!

Getting ready to go through the cantering poles again!

To my pleasant surprise, Mommy even let me hop over a tiny little jump. It was tiny, but I was so excited to jump anything at all, that I leapt over it as though it were three feet tall!



When I was finished with my workout, the weatherman on Mommy’s phone said that it wasn’t supposed to rain again until the nighttime… so, after she groomed me, Mommy let me go outside into the paddock with William and Zii! I was so happy to be out with them, that I forgot all about eating breakfast. I hung out for a little less than an hour while Mommy cleaned her tack and Daddy went to do his own workout, and then they brought me back into the barn to eat my breakfast.

After I’d eaten all my grain, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was in for the day… but I was wrong! Mommy and Daddy let me go back out to the paddock, and told me that I would come in before nighttime… or before it rained, whichever came first. So I’ve been spending my day eating grass with my new friends, and it has been a wonderful day. I have a feeling I’ll be coming in soon, though. I hope it doesn’t rain anymore this week; I really want to get to know my new barn some more, and maybe even go out on another train ride soon!

Well, friends, that’s about all I have to say for today. I hope you’re keeping warm and dry; I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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