My next great adventure

Well, friends, I’ve officially begun my next great adventure.

I got to spend one more day hanging out with my best friend, Leo, which was nice – but it was also very sad. You see, we all had to take turns in one paddock – the front paddock, closest to the barn – because there was so much debris in all the rest of the paddocks, left by the flood. There were big pieces of wood, broken fence rails, rusty nails… It made me sad to see all of our favorite paddocks and fields in such a shamble, and I felt bad that I was leaving all my friends behind when things were in such bad shape because of the flood. I especially felt bad leaving Leo, because once he realized I wasn’t going to be sticking around, he got very sad. But we did have one last, good run together before I said goodbye!

My last time running and playing in the paddock with Leo!

My last time running and playing in the paddock with Leo!

Mommy’s new friends, Jenny and Caroline, came to pick me up in a horse trailer, which they parked up on the street. I had watched my Mommy pack all of my worldly belongings into her pickup truck throughout the day, so I knew that it was moving day; Mommy let me walk up to each of my friends to say goodbye. When I walked up the hill and out to the street to the horse trailer, I only hesitated for a minute to take a last look around – and then I walked up the ramp, ready for my newest adventure and my next home.

On the trailer, waiting to leave for my new home!

On the trailer, waiting to leave for my new home!

I knew even before we got there that I would be going to the huge place with rolling green hills and cross country jumps; it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen, the best barn in the world, and my Mommy always makes sure that I have only the best of everything! When I got off the trailer, I was much calmer than the first time I had been there. I was happy and excited, even though I was also a little bit nervous. And I already missed Leo.

Mommy and Daddy showed me where my new stall would be, at least for now.

Checking out my new stall with Daddy!

Checking out my new stall with Daddy!

The other horses were already heading out to the paddocks for the night – they all get turned out at night, and stay in their stalls during the day when it’s hot – so Mommy and Daddy took me out to a paddock, too. I got to meet two new friends, and they were both really nice and inviting, but I was still a little too nervous to hang out with them much. We trotted around a little bit together, but soon they left to eat grass in the huge field that we would be sharing, while I trotted around some more to investigate my new surroundings.

This field is HUGE!

This field is HUGE!

The field we share is the biggest field I’ve ever seen in my entire life – and it’s not even the biggest field at my new barn! It was glorious!

After I had a chance to run around and stretch my legs and get used to everything, Mommy and Daddy called me over, and I came running to where they stood by the gate as soon as they called me. I had worked up a sweat, so they took me out and gave me a shower and a little bit of Empower Boost (my favorite part of dinner – a rice bran supplement that has electrolytes and probiotics in it, too). They didn’t give me any grain, because Mommy didn’t want to risk having me colic, since I was so stressed. But I was fine with just a little bit of Empower Boost for dinner; I knew I had a LOT of grass to eat, all night long if I wanted!

After my shower, Mommy and Daddy let me go back out into my huge new paddock, and I felt much calmer then. I was still a little too shy to go and graze with my newest friends, but I did graze a lot.

Grazing in my new HUGE paddock!

Grazing in my new HUGE paddock!

And, after all, I had all night to get to know them and become friends.

At around 7:30am, the barn manager, Molly – a very sweet girl who I liked instantly – brought us all into our stalls and gave us our breakfast grain. Mommy came back about an hour later and got me out for my first official ride in my new home; I knew she would be there in the morning to check on me, and I was excited to ride in the jumping arena for the first time! Of course, I wouldn’t be jumping since I’d had two days off, but we did have a very good ride!

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous, though; as I was entering the arena, the only other horse and rider who were out at that time were leaving to go back up to the barn, so I ended up having to work out all alone. And the arena is down a hill, so the barn wasn’t in sight any longer; I screamed and screamed during my entire workout, just to make sure the rest of the horses were still on the property somewhere within earshot, but I still did my best to behave perfectly for my Mommy. We worked on lead changes and rollbacks, but mostly we just worked on staying calm and not going too fast. I was very proud of myself for keeping my composure while I was so nervous and stressed!

Mommy gave me a bunch of treats and a nice shower, and then we walked around and grazed for a while so I could dry off and stretch again. She didn’t want me to be stiff or sore when I went back into my stall for the day.

Grazing with Mommy after a great workout.

Grazing with Mommy after a great workout.

After I had dried off and gotten my fill of grass (though, honestly, I could never get my fill of grass… it’s just too yummy!), Mommy let me hang out with her in the cross ties while she cleaned all of my tack. I had gotten very sweaty during our ride, so it all needed a good scrub! It was nice hanging out with Mommy, because she talked to me and gave me treats the entire time.

Finally, she put me back into my stall and told me that she would be back later in the day with Daddy.

My next-door neighbor is one of the horses I was turned out with overnight, and he and I made friends very quickly, once we realized we’d be living next to each other. I told Mommy not to worry about me; now that I had a friend, I was content and didn’t feel nervous anymore. So, I settled in to eat my hay, and said goodbye to Mommy for the time being.

Bye, Mommy! See you later! Don't forget to bring Daddy with you!

Bye, Mommy! See you later! Don’t forget to bring Daddy with you!

Sure enough, Mommy and Daddy came back later in the day to see me and spend some time with me. I was so happy to see my Daddy, I had to show him my hay and my water and my new friend, next door. Then, they got me out and let me graze for a little while.

Hanging out with my Daddy, grazing on the delicious grass!

Hanging out with my Daddy, grazing on the delicious grass!

Miss Molly told them that my dinner grain was in my stall, so they hung out with me while I ate my dinner, and then they got me out again to groom on me and put on my splint boots. When I was shiny and clean, they brought me outside into my new paddock to be with my new best friend.

I'm so happy that I already made a new friend!

I’m so happy that I’ve already made a new friend!

Mommy and Daddy said goodbye and told me that they would see me tomorrow. I said goodbye to them, too, and my new best friend and I walked away to find the perfect patch of grass to graze.

Come on, pal. Let's go explore.

Come on, pal. Let’s go explore.

I’m very happy to be in my new home. I know that it’s going to be a great adventure; I promise I’ll keep all of you updated, especially since my Mommy mentioned something about maybe jumping soon… I hope it’s tomorrow! But for now, I’m off to get some shut-eye under the stars. Catch y’all tomorrow…

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