Rainy days and big oxers

Well, it’s probably needless to say that I didn’t jump yesterday. It rained all morning, but we all thought it was going to rain much longer and much harder than it did. Luckily, the rain stopped well before noon and the sun came out immediately; by the time my Mommy got there in the evening, everything was pretty much dry, the arena and the puddles included. Mommy hopped on me bareback, with just my halter on, and rode me around a little bit. She wanted to make sure I stretched my legs since I had such a long, tough workout the day before. She also wanted to make sure I did a little work so I could jump the next day… meaning today!

I got to jump first thing in the morning, which was pretty nice today. It was chilly but not freezing, and I had a lot of energy! Although, at times, I think I had a little too much energy, because I got slightly carried away… But I’ll get to that later. Anyway, we started by doing a nice, easy, stretchy flat-warmup, and then we warmed up over fences.

Jumping the Liverpool, which was 3'9 high!

Jumping the Liverpool, which was 3’9 high!

The course had a couple difficult lines, and the first time I jumped them – after I was finished warming up over a couple fences – they were set to four feet high! Mommy and Daddy were both really proud of me for doing so well, and not even thinking twice about jumping such big lines. One line had three jumps, set as a two stride to a one stride, with an oxer at the end (which we jumped through both directions, of course), and the other was only a two-stride line.

Jumping into the two-stride line at four feet high!

Jumping into the two-stride line at four feet high!

There was also another oxer set at four feet, which we jumped a few times. When we did a course, Mommy had me doing crazy rollbacks from the orange line to the oxer. (See that green and red oxer behind us in the photo above? Yeah, we jumped the orange line and did a rollback to THAT!) I knocked it over the first couple times I tried it, though… because I wouldn’t slow down and collect enough before going into the turn, even though Mommy asked me to with her seat, hand and voice. But eventually, we got it perfect!

Jumping the four-foot-high oxer!

Jumping the four-foot-high oxer!

We did two different courses, total. We messed up a few times with both, but we kept trying and fixing the things we got wrong until we finally jumped each course the best we possibly could. It was a hard workout, but it was still really fun! I love jumping – especially when we jump so high! And you know what the best part of the whole day was? I got to have a BUNCH of marshmallows – my extra-special jumping-day treat! I even got a warm liniment bath after my workout, and then I got to spend the rest of the day in the field, filling my hungry belly with sweet, lush grass.

I’ll probably get tomorrow off, seeing as how I jumped big today – and my workout was a solid hour, if not a little more! And you know what? I don’t even know if I’ll get to jump one more time before I move to my new home! I’m so excited – I can’t wait to be there and go out for another trail ride! Have a great night, friends… I’ll catch y’all tomorrow.

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