Sunday Mornings with Daddy

This morning, the owners of the barn put on my boots and turned me out. I got to eat grass for about an hour before Mommy and Daddy showed up. Just like any other day, Mommy put me in the cross ties and started grooming me. I thought that she was going to ride me, but then I saw my Daddy walk out of the tack room with his breeches, boots and half chaps on! I was so excited. I love it when Daddy rides me.

Yeah, we do look good.

Yeah, we do look good.

We had a really good but really tough lesson. Mommy had Daddy work with me on flying lead changes first, and then she had us work on doing lead changes into rollbacks! We tried a few times unsuccessfully, but in the end, we got three amazing rollbacks in a row!

Doing lead changes with Daddy!

Doing lead changes and rollbacks with Daddy!

Yesterday, Mommy and I had another short (but tough!) flat lesson. I got to jump the day before that, since I haven’t done much jumping this week, and I ended up doing a really good job! Mommy and I did a couple courses, and we played with the striding in between each of the lines – sometimes collecting and adding in a stride for a nice, even, slow ride, and sometimes moving forward and taking out and entire stride. When we got to the course, the jumps were only about 3’3 to 3’6, so it was a good exercise – but it wasn’t too strenuous for me.

This stuff is waytoo easy!

This stuff is waytoo easy!

I’ll probably have tomorrow off, since I’ve worked five solid days in a row now. But, true to Mommy’s rules, three of those days were flatwork. Although… Mommy did mention something about “stopping to pick up marshmallows,” so I think I have a BIG jumping day in my near future! I can’t wait! 

For now, friends, I’m off to eat my dinner hay. I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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