Moekie’s Homecoming

Good news, friends! Do you remember my friend, Moekie? The dressage horse who went away to Florida for the winter? Well, he and his human, Nikki, came home today! It sure was good to see Moekie, even though he was a couple paddocks away from me. We whinnied hello to each other over the fence, but I can’t wait to ask him all about his time in Florida! From what I hear, he did really well – and I bet he had a lot of fun! I had a lot of fun when I lived in Florida, too.

So, just as I said before, Mommy gave me the day off yesterday – and I think I’m getting the day off again, today. For once, I am actually really happy to have a couple days off, because I was extremely exhausted after Sunday’s adventure! I was so tired and sore yesterday, I barely ate any grass!

I’m not nearly as tired today, but my muscles are still pretty sore. This morning, when Mommy turned me out into my favorite big side field, I trotted and cantered around, just to stretch out my muscles and my back. I knew that’s what my Mommy would tell me to do, and it felt good to stretch.

Since then, I’ve just been grazing and relaxing. I even took a short nap earlier!



I might end up getting tomorrow off, too, because the weatherman inside Daddy’s phone said it’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. But we all know how “accurate” that weatherman is, so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Pretty soon, Mommy will be here to bring me in and groom on me for a little while, and then I’ll get to go into my stall for the night. I’m sure Mommy will give me lots of hay, too, because she always does! And maybe I’ll get to hang out and relax with Daddy again, like I did last night! I sure do love chillin’ with my Daddy…

Chillin' with my Daddy...

Chillin’ with my Daddy.

For now, though, I’m going to go and eat as much grass as possible before it’s time for me to come in. If it rains tonight and tomorrow, that means that we’ll all have to go into the little paddocks – and there’s barely any grass in there at all. So I’m going to stock up while I still can!

Alright, friends. I hope you all have a great day. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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