A (mostly) fantastic ride

Out of all the perfect days, I think today might have been the most perfect. Remember when I told you that my Daddy was going to ride me today? Well, he did!

My day started out peacefully and beautifully, as I got to graze in the paddock all morning and all afternoon. Since it rained yesterday, my favorite big side field was covered in water again – so Mommy put me in one of the medium sized fields on the other side, instead. Daddy put Isis in the back field, the minis in their little paddock… and Leo next to them. You know… because he’s so fat.

Mommy came back later in the day, and when she began to groom me and tack me up, I thought that perhaps Daddy had forgotten he was going to ride me today. My heart sank a little as Mommy got into the saddle, but we had a really nice warm up, anyway. We worked on the flat for about twenty minutes – just walk, trot, canter and lead changes – and then (after a walking break and a treat), we jumped!

I love jumping with Mommy!

I love jumping with Mommy!

We didn’t do very much; we warmed up over a couple jumps, and then Mommy dismounted so Daddy could get on! I guess she just wanted to make sure I would behave for him… or maybe it was because he wasn’t finished working yet when Mommy arrived. I don’t know; I can only read one of their minds at a time, and only when they’re on my back!

Anyway, Daddy got on and cantered me once each direction, with a couple lead changes thrown in. Then, we got right down to business. We warmed up over a small line a couple times, and then Mommy had us jump it a little higher. We did great! We kept a steady, even pace, and I jumped it in six strides like I was supposed to.

After we did that nicely a couple times, we moved on to the “flowers” vertical, which was set at about 2’9. We jumped that nicely a couple times, and Daddy decided that he wanted to jump the oxer in the middle, which was set to 3’3. We cantered it on the left lead, and after three jumps, we had it down perfect! Daddy wanted to end on that, but Mommy told him we couldn’t. You see, I’m getting a little stronger on my left lead than on my right lead again, so I need to make sure I work evenly to each direction.

Well, as we cantered up to the oxer from the right lead, neither Daddy nor I could see the right take-off distance. I was about to jump from a long spot, but then I added a stride – and when I did that, I no longer had time to jump! So I ducked out to the side.

Oops... I'm sorry, Daddy!

Oops… I’m sorry, Daddy!

Needless to say, Daddy didn’t fall off… and I had to do the jump over again. So we cantered up to the oxer again, but I felt that Daddy was still unsure, and that made me feel unsure… and, well… I stopped again. I was so ashamed of myself, especially when I realized that I had unseated Daddy! He hung on tight though and, somehow, he stayed on – even though I was still cantering and bucking and spinning! He sure does have a tight grip with those legs!

Now, I’m sure you all know what happens when you do something bad in the lesson, and the trainer gets mad? Yep, that’s right… she made Daddy dismount so she could “sit on me for a minute.” And Mommy made me jump that oxer. It’s funny, because my Mommy sits so quietly in the saddle – but somehow, she can feel me start to waver before I even do it, and she presses me forward, leaving me no room to duck out or stop. And that’s exactly what she did.

Woah! Hold on tight, Mommy!

Woah! Hold on tight, Mommy!

Mommy made me jump it a couple more times – for good measure – and then Daddy got back on and we headed for the oxer again.

This time, I didn’t dare stop – and Daddy didn’t let me, either.

Yeah! We did it!

Yeah! We did it!

We jumped it so well together! Mommy jumped and cheered, and Daddy gave me the treats he’d secretly stashed in the pocket of his breeches. And he let me gallop a little to stretch out!

I LOVE running... especially with Daddy!

I LOVE running… especially with Daddy!

After our short gallop, Daddy cooled me out for a long time – and then he and Mommy gave me a shower. Mommy walked me around and let me graze while I dried, and I enjoyed spending more time with her. As I was grazing, Mommy kept going ahead of me and inspecting the patches of clover before I got to them. She said she was looking for ones with four leaves, because she wanted to pick them. I guess she found one yesterday, and she wanted to make sure I didn’t eat them. I don’t know why, though… I don’t think they’re poisonous, because I’m pretty sure I remember eating a few…

Mommy's four-leaf clover

Mommy’s four-leaf clover

When I was dry, Mommy brought me into my stall. Daddy brought in Isis and Leo from the paddocks, and after we had all had some time to settle down for the night (and I had waited an hour from the time I was done cooling out), we got to eat our dinner grain.

Mommy said that I am going to long-line tomorrow. She said that she knows I don’t like it, but I’m having an unusually long week this week, and she wants to give my back a rest. She said that she’s going to just let me be silly and play and stretch – but that I need to make sure I work a little bit, because she doesn’t want me to be stiff. She also told me that on Sunday, she’ll probably be riding me for longer than usual… which usually means a trail ride… I wonder where it’s going to be! I’m so excited to find out!

Alright, friends, I’m off to hit the shavings. Have a great weekend, and stay tuned to hear about my upcoming adventures! Catch y’all tomorrow…


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