Morning workouts

Well, just as I said yesterday, Mommy worked me in the morning today. And I decided that I was happy about it. Especially because she allowed me to sneak a bite of clover before we got to the arena!

Mmmm... I love clover!

Mmmm… I love clover!

We had a pretty tough flat workout, but it was a lot of fun. After warming up, we practiced doing lead changes into a rollback. I did a great job, and I tried my best to be perfect for Mommy!

I even got to gallop a little bit to show off for Daddy.

After we finished working, Mommy and I went on a little walk down the private street across from our barn. It was nice. We stopped and took in the sights, like the lake in our neighbor’s front yard.

Is that really a lake?!

Is that really a lake?!

I got very sweaty during our workout, so Mommy gave me a shower before putting me outside in the paddock. I grazed all day, and was happy to do it.

Around 3pm, Daddy and my Uncle Mike came out to bring everyone in for the night. I got really excited, and I wanted to see if I could get my Daddy to ride me in. I would be happy even if he only rode me at a walk! I just wanted to spend some more time with him. Because, quite honestly, I was jealous seeing him bringing in the other horses. I wanted his attention all to myself!

So, I decided to gallop back and forth across the length of the big back field, where I had been grazing all day. I got myself so worked up with adrenaline that, even when my Daddy came out to get me, I didn’t want to stop! So I just kept on galloping.

Eventually, I stopped… and I got my wish! Daddy said, “Oh, Icchy… you’re SO hot and sweaty now!” And with that, he hopped on my back and walked me around until I was cooled out completely. Then, he got off and gave me a shower! The second shower I got today! It was wonderful; it felt great!

Mommy came by to bring me in, as she does every evening, and she was surprised to see that I was already in. She brought me a special treat – mango with cinnamon – and told me that we will be jumping tomorrow! Daddy even set up a brand new course in the arena, and I can’t wait to jump it!

Speaking of which, I’d better go get some rest. Mommy said we’re working in the morning again, and I want to have lots of energy – so I’m going to hit the shavings. Sleep well, friends. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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