A Daddy’s promise

Today was a wonderful, perfect day. Just as I knew he would, Daddy kept his promise and worked me today!

Mommy and Daddy got to the barn around quarter-to-nine and took me out of my stall immediately. I was ready to work, anyway; I knew I would be working in the morning today, because all my friends were already outside by the time Mommy and Daddy arrived. Daddy disappeared into the tack room, and Mommy groomed me and tacked me up, just as she would any other day. I started to get a little sad; I thought that maybe my Daddy had forgotten his promise to me.

But a Daddy’s promise as is good as gold!

As Mommy finished tacking me up, Daddy walked out of the tack room with his breeches, paddock boots, half chaps and helmet on!

Daddy and I had a really good workout. We worked on the flat – walk, trot, canter, hand gallop – and then we got ready to do a little jumping!

Running with Daddy!

Running with Daddy!

After we warmed up over a couple jumps, Mommy told Daddy to canter me through a line. Now, the line was usually supposed to be five strides, but it was set to cross rails – so it wouldn’t be too hard to get more strides in the middle.

Mommy told Daddy to keep me collected and try to canter through the line in seven strides. Well, Daddy and I had a brief conversation about it, and we decided to show off for Mommy… so we cantered through the line in eight strides! Then, we did it in seven, and then in six strides. After that, Mommy raised up one jump to three feet high and had Daddy and me canter through it again in six strides. We did great!

Way to go, Daddy!!

Way to go, Daddy!!

It was actually a really hard workout, even though I didn’t jump very much or very high. I was completely sweaty by the time we were done, though, so Mommy and Daddy gave me a cool shower and let me go out into the paddock with Leo to eat grass.

Of course, they came back later in the evening to bring me inside and give me some more love. When they got there, they realized that I had been doing a little galloping in the field – I was all sweaty again – so I got another shower! I grazed for a while with Mommy, and we watched Kenya and Isis finish up their jumping lesson.

It only took about twenty minutes before I was dry, since it was such a warm, sunny day again.

When I was totally dry, Mommy put me in my stall with my dinner hay, and she and Daddy said goodnight.

And now, friends, it’s time for me to say goodnight. I get to have tomorrow off! I hope you guys do, too! I’ll catch y’all later…

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