Sunny Saturday

Wow, today sure was a beautiful day. Even by the time Mommy put me out into the field this morning, it was warm and sunny and just plain perfect. I was so happy to be outside.

Alright, Mommy. I'm ready to eat some grass!

Alright, Mommy. I’m ready to eat some grass!

Mommy came back later in the day to ride me. We worked on some really good flatwork, and then we warmed up over fences for a little while.

Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

Mommy could tell that I was pretty tired today (because I ran around in the paddock a lot yesterday (and today) before getting to work), so she didn’t push me to jump too high or too many times. We worked over a single oxer, and made our way up to about 4’3; once I did it nicely both ways, Mommy said that I could be finished.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Mommy and Daddy gave me a shower, and then I got to go back out into the field with Leo for another hour!

Apparently Daddy is going to ride me tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how that goes! I’m hoping that maybe we’ll get to jump a little bit, since I didn’t do very much today… we’ll see. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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