From New York to Florida…

You know, all this talk of moving to a new barn brings back a lot of memories. I’ve moved to a lot of new barns in my young life so far. Not that I mind; actually, I like it very much. I like meeting new horses and people and getting to experience new barns and arenas. From what I understand, that’s how my life will be when I’m showing on the Grand Prix circuit, too. I’m looking forward to it.

There was one barn in particular that it was hard for me to leave. It was the first time I had a real best friend… Do you remember when I told you about my best friend, Cooper? Well, I loved my best friend very much, and I remember distinctly the day that I had to leave him behind.

I knew that things were going to change; I had known it for a while, really. You see, my Daddy had already been gone for an entire month – the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing him – and Mommy had been packing things for weeks. There was practically nothing left in my tack box save the bare minimum. I had only lived at Cooper’s barn for about six months; the longest I’ve ever lived in one barn is the one I’m at now, with Leo lives. But after that, it was Cooper’s.

Anyway, on the day of my departure, I knew something was different: Mommy came to the barn and groomed me, then put me back in my stall – and just stayed there, waiting around. A little while later, this lady pulled up and parked on the street… She had a big truck and a huge horse trailer. I mean, in retrospect I guess it wasn’t that huge, but it was the biggest horse trailer I’d ever seen at that point in my life. She and Mommy struggled to get my tack box and grain onto the trailer (that tack box is metal and it’s heavy) and then they came back for me. I hesitated when I walked up to the trailer, before I stepped onto the ramp. I looked back at the barn and whinnied one last goodbye to all my friends, and then I walked into the trailer without looking back.

Mommy said goodbye to me, and she told me she would meet me in Florida. Then, as she was saying goodbye to the lady who was going to drive me to Florida, I heard the lady ask my Mommy if she was leaving immediately.

“I was going to leave early tomorrow morning,” my Mommy said.

“Well, I would suggest leaving no later than tonight,” the lady replied. “There’s a big snowstorm coming through, and you’re likely to get caught in it if you don’t hurry on up and get going!”

After that, I was very worried about my Mommy. She ended up driving all through the night – but she missed the snowstorm and made it to Florida in time to see me off the trailer at my new barn!

The lady who drove me had stopped several times along the way to pick up horses who were also moving to Florida. All of us got off the trailer at my latest home, and the rest of the bunch got to graze while I went to investigate my new stall. Well, I got to graze and stretch my legs for a while before that, but you know what I mean. Mommy and Daddy were both there, and a couple girls that I hadn’t met, who I knew must work at the barn. I was excited to see what the place looked like, but it was nighttime – so it was too dark to see much of it.

When I was all settled into my new home, the lady had to put the other horses back onto the trailer and be on her way. One by one, they all loaded up – and most of them without much of a fuss. But then she started to lead the last horse onto the trailer – and he began rearing and backing up very quickly, pulling the poor little lady with him as he did. He looked like he was terrified, and I remembered that he was the same horse who took a while to load when we picked him up from his home. It took the lady almost an hour to load him into the trailer… and then, when he was finally on, he started kicking – and he almost kicked the lady in the head! He backed up against the partition in the trailer – which the lady was trying quickly to close, so the horse could no longer escape – and the force of it threw her against the back wall.

When she finally got him on and latched in, the girls who worked at the new barn gave the lady calming drugs for the horse, which she fed to him. But before the drugs had time to calm him down, he began kicking again… only this time, he kicked so hard that he actually bent the metal of the trailer! He was very powerful… and very, very scared.

The poor guy cut his hoof very badly, and the lady ended up having to take him to a horse hospital nearby as soon as she left.

And all this time, I was just hanging out in my stall, sleepy after my long journey. But I did hope that he would be alright.

Needless to say, the barn in Florida was beautiful!

Everything is so green!

Everything is so green!

Although, it didn’t turn out to be so nice in the long run. But that’s a story for a different day! For now, I’m going to hit the shavings. I didn’t get to work today, since it rained all day… but being cooped up in the small paddocks still takes a lot out of a horse. So, I’m off to sleep. I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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