Jump start

Today, I got a jump start on my day.

Well, I should say that I got a jumping start on my day!

This morning, Mommy decided to ride me early – as soon as she and Daddy arrived at the barn – because everyone was very sure that it would rain today. In fact, it had rained a little the night before, and it was drizzling when Mommy and Daddy showed up around 8AM. I didn’t know I was going to jump today; usually, on jumping day, I get marshmallows. Today, I got an apple. It was a juicy, delicious apple… but apples don’t really say “Jumping Day” to me.

Anyway, Mommy and I had an amazing ride. I was on my best behavior today because I was actually pretty naughty yesterday… but we don’t need to talk about that.

Who, me? Naughty? I would never...!!!

Who, me? Naughty? I would never…!!! Okay, okay… maybe I did.

Well, regardless of what happened yesterday, I was extremely well behaved today, and Mommy and I ended up jumping a course that was set to 4’3, with one vertical that was set to 4’10!

We got this, Mommy! Hold on tight!

We got this, Mommy! Hold on tight!

I did knock over the 4’10 vertical a couple times, though.

Aw, man! Not again!

Awww, man! Not again!

I got really upset every time I knocked it down, too. But we eventually got it perfect, and then Mommy let me be finished for the day.

I got to have a shower, since I worked up a good sweat during our workout – and, although it was cloudy and drizzly, it was already almost 60 degrees out! I was very happy to have a shower. So happy, in fact, that I didn’t even feel the need to roll in the mud again, like I did yesterday!

Mommy put me out into my favorite side field with Leo, but Leo had to go into a small paddock after an hour. He’s getting really fat since he just eats all day and doesn’t ever work, so he can’t eat as much grass as me, or Dr. Matthew said he will founder. But hopefully he will get to start working soon. He told me he wants to!

It rained a little bit today, but nothing remarkable. Enough to make everything muddy, though! Of course, Mommy and Daddy came back in the evening to bring me in and make sure I was clean and cozy before bedtime.

Tomorrow, Mommy is going to work with me on the flat. Just a nice, light, stretchy workout so I don’t feel too sore, she said – and then I’ll have Tuesday off.

For now, I’m going to go hit the shavings. Even though I worked out hours ago in the morning, I’m still pretty tired. Jumping that high is very exhausting, and my tired muscles need to relax!

Sweet dreams, friends. I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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