California someday

Well, it was raining again today. But do you know what the good news is? Leo and I got to go out in our favorite paddock! You remember the one, right? It became a lake after the last big rainfall… and the big rainfall before that one, too!

There was so much grass to eat in that paddock, I almost didn’t gallop.


I know, I know. I’m not supposed to gallop. I really couldn’t help myself, though! I was just so excited to have my favorite paddock back!

Of course, in a couple weeks, Leo won’t be able to go into that paddock with me for more than a couple hours each day. You see, in early spring, the grass that grows in has much more sugar than grass during the rest of the year. And, well, Leo is really fat right now, so he could get very sick or even founder if he eats too much grass. Dr. Matthew said I could eat as much grass as I wanted though, since I’m in such amazing shape!

It doesn’t feel like spring, though. I mean, it was pretty warm today – about 60 degrees, according to Mommy – but the nights are still cold, and it’s not warm everyday. It just doesn’t feel like winter has ended! And I’m not complaining or anything… it’s just that Mommy said we will be living in California someday, where the winters always feel like spring or fall, and it’s warm more often than not. It still rains… but at least it’s warm. I can’t wait to live in California someday.

Anyway, about halfway through the day, it started raining… and it didn’t stop. I was only too happy to come in when Daddy started to bring us all in and dry us off. We had the shelters, but we just didn’t want to stand in them all day. None of us minded a little rain… especially not Leo or I, since we had SO MUCH GRASS to eat! But after a while, we were all just ready to go home to our cozy stalls. Rainy days just aren’t fun.

Hurry, Daddy! I'm tired of the rain!

Hurry, Daddy! I’m tired of the rain!

Jelly Bean and Jube Jube rolled as soon as they got into their stall!

Jube Jube, look at your mane!

Jube Jube, look at your mane!

I would have, but Mommy and Daddy gave me some dinner hay, so I was happily occupied.

Anyway, it wasn’t an exciting or eventful day… but hopefully tomorrow will be! Let’s cross our hooves for sunshine, friends, so I get to work tomorrow! Until then… Stay warm, stay dry, and I’ll catch y’all later!

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