Missing Daddy

Well, my Daddy is still gone, and I miss him. I’ve actually been very upset about it, and that’s why I’ve been acting so naughty. I can’t help it… life just isn’t as happy when Daddy isn’t around. I know Mommy feels it, too. I was actually a little bit ashamed of myself yesterday, because I just couldn’t concentrate long enough to behave.

But Mommy loves me anyway. She understands.

Loving on Mommy.

Loving on Mommy.

It rained a lot last night, and it was supposed to rain more throughout today – but this time, we all knew it was for real. No more false alarms. So, needless to say, we had to go into the little paddocks again.

These little paddocks are too... little. There's no way I can gallop in here!

These little paddocks are too… little. There’s no way I can gallop in here! 

Auntie Paulette ended up bringing all of us in a little early, before the big rainstorm hit. She cleaned the mud off of our feet, gave us all a little bit of hay, and we stood back and waited for the rain.

Mommy and my girlfriend, Brooke, came by later in the evening to check on me and give me love. Mommy said she hopes the weather is better tomorrow so we can ride. I hope so, too. Or at least so I don’t have to go into the little paddocks again.

Anyway, I’m going to hit the shavings. I’ll catch y’all tomorrow..

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