Every jumping day can’t be perfect…

As an athlete, I know I need to accept the fact that every workout or training session can’t be perfect. I know it… I just hate it when it’s not. And I know that my Mommy hates it when we have a less-than-perfect workout, too. Even though she’s not actually upset with me when it happens, I still hate it when I can feel that she is upset! I hate it more than anything in the world.

Today was one of those workouts that just didn’t go as planned. It’s not that it was terrible – all in all, it was actually pretty good – it’s just that we knocked a few poles over, and I couldn’t seem to get my legs up high enough. Mommy and I both worked really hard, but no matter what we did, we just couldn’t seem to sync up. Daddy was giving us lots of great advice, though; in fact, every time he gave us advice, it worked perfectly, and we did better!

We warmed up on the flat and then over some jumps… and everything started off perfectly.

A perfect warm up!

A perfect warm up!

Then, we moved on to that difficult course we did a few days ago – on my birthday. We warmed up over it, and Daddy raised it gradually up until everything was set to 4′ or 4’3. I was so excited to jump a course that was all between 4′ and 4’3!

Woo hoo! Jumping a course at 4'3!

Woo hoo! Jumping a course at 4’3!

But I got frustrated, because I tried and tried… and I kept knocking down at least one pole each time we tried the whole course again. I mean, there were some very difficult turns… It was not an easy course, especially at that height!

After a while, when we still couldn’t seem to get the exercise perfect, Daddy suggested that we try something a little different. So, Mommy asked me to do the first three jumps of the course, and then we did the orange line – a five stride line, set to 4’3. I jumped it perfectly!

Finally, we DID IT!

Finally, we DID IT!

Mommy let me be finished on that note. We had worked for a solid hour (taking walking breaks now and then, of course), and Mommy said that we had both worked plenty hard enough. I whole heartedly agreed. We walked for a half hour, just to make sure I was cooled out completely, and that I didn’t get sore.

Mommy wet-brushed me – the area under my saddle pad was really sweaty –  and then she linimented and poulticed my legs and put my clean, fluffy standing wraps on me. She gave me the rest of the marshmallow treats she’d made me for my birthday, and let me go into my stall to eat my dinner hay and wait until I was ready to have my grain. 

Because I worked so hard, Mommy said that I’ll get tomorrow off. Then, she said that I’ll probably need to work on the flat for a few days… and after that, I’ll have a light, low, easy jumping day – just to make sure I’m not too sore, and to loosen up my muscles a little bit. I’ve been working really hard lately. You know… now that I’m a six-year-old and all that. I love it, but Mommy is right… I need a few days to take it easy and stretch!

Anyway, friends, I hope y’all had a good day… I’m going to hit the shavings now; I’m exhausted. But I’ll catch y’all later!

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