Tornado warning!

When Mommy and Daddy got to the barn this morning, the skies were filled with dark gray clouds, moving quickly across the sky. They looked as though they were lining up and taking their places; Mommy glanced at the sky and said that it wouldn’t be long before the rainstorm came. She knew it would rain most of the day, so she decided to get on me bareback and let me stretch my legs for a little while. She hadn’t even been expecting to have a window in the morning, so we were happy for any workout at all, even a short, bareback one!

Trying to beat the rain...

Trying to beat the rain…

As we were cooling out, Mommy checked her phone and saw that there was a tornado warning until 8:30am!

By the time we were finished cooling out, it began to rain lightly. I pinned my ears and scooted sideways, trying to avoid the raindrops… but it was no use. So Mommy let me trot back to the barn, where we both took cover.

Mommy took off my bridle and groomed me; as she was brushing my face, she stopped and looked up at the sky. She said to Daddy and me, “Look at those clouds… I’ve never seen them do that before; do you see it? It looks like they’re all moving into a central point, in a circular motion…” I felt her grow tense, and I felt her heart begin to beat a little faster; I knew she thought it might be a tornado forming. Daddy told her to put my bridle back on, just in case… because if a tornado was going to touch down right near the barn, we were going to run away as fast as we could!

I'm ready for the tornado... What do you think, Mommy? Should we get ready to run?

I’m ready for the tornado… What do you think, Mommy? Should we get ready to run?

Now, obviously Mommy wouldn’t normally leave the halter on under my bridle – obviously – but she told me that if we really did need to run away from a tornado, she needed to make sure I had my halter and lead rope on, too, just in case. Not only does the nameplate on my halter have my name and Mommy’s phone number on it, in case we got separated somehow, but she would also have a way to tie me up without having to use my reins, if we found shelter somewhere. And it’s always good to have your halter and lead rope when you’re going to be away from home!

I was worried about my friends, too… but Daddy said that if a tornado came, he would let the rest of the horses (and the minis) loose, and he, Mommy and I would lead them all to safety!

Mommy’s heart kept pounding fast while we waited to see what would happen with the clouds… and then, they all stopped spinning and let out a great flood of rain! Mommy, Daddy and I heaved a big sigh when we realized that the threat of a tornado had passed, at least for the time being. But BOY did that rain come down hard!

Look at all that rain! It only took ten minutes before everything was under water!

Look at all that rain! It only took ten minutes before everything was under water!

Mommy waited until there was a break in the downpour to bring me out to the paddock, and Daddy brought Leo out to his paddock at the same time. As soon as we got there, though, the rain came down five times harder, and Mommy and Daddy were stuck in the shelters with us!

Jube Jube hung out with us for a while, too.

Hi, Jube Jube!

Hi, Jube Jube!

Daddy braved the rain long enough to run from Leo’s paddock to mine, just so he could check on me to make sure I was doing okay. There was a lot of thunder and lightning, and horses usually get scared when that happens… but not me.

Waiting for the rain to calm down...

Hanging out with Mommy, Daddy and Jube Jube, waiting for the rain to calm down… 

Once the rain calmed down, Mommy and Daddy said a quick goodbye and then ran back to the barn. It’s a good thing, too, because when they reached the barn, the rain came down harder again. It rained most of the day, and Mommy came back in the late afternoon to bring me in and clean the mud off of my legs. I enjoyed being pampered; my Mommy loves to pamper me. When it was time for her and Daddy to leave, she put me in my stall with a couple flakes of fresh steamed hay and gave me lots of kisses… and a carrot!

Well, that’s about all I have to say for today… Cross your hooves for me again that it’s nice and sunny tomorrow, so I can get another good workout in! Thanks, friends… Catch y’all tomorrow!

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