A Sunday ride with Daddy

Today was another beautiful day. Mommy and Daddy arrived early this morning, just as Uncle Mike was getting ready to bring me out to the paddock to be with my best friend, Leo. Mommy told Uncle Mike that he didn’t need to bring me out – I didn’t have my galloping boots on, and I hadn’t yet been groomed or had my feet picked – but she said that I was going to work anyway, and that she would put me out into the paddock after I was finished with my workout. So, he put me back into my stall, and Mommy brought me out into the cross ties to groom me and get me tacked up.

When Mommy had me all tacked up and ready to ride, she led me over to the mounting block… and, to my surprise, Daddy walked out of the tack room with his breeches, boots, half chaps and helmet on! I had no idea that Daddy was going to be riding me today… I was so excited! I love it when my Daddy rides me!

Look at us! Aren't we handsome?

Look at us! Aren’t we handsome?

We warmed up nice and slow, since I had just come out of my stall and Daddy thought I might be feeling a little stiff. But after we walked around the arena twice, I started trotting, just to let Daddy know that I was ready to work! We warmed up at the trot in both directions, and then at the canter… and then Daddy and I did the exercise that he likes to call “corners,” where we canter around the arena and do a small circle in each corner. We did that in each direction, and then Daddy asked me for a couple flying lead changes. I did great, by the way. Then, to my surprise – again – Daddy cantered me over a couple little jumps! The jumps were all tiny, since Isis and Kenya would be jumping them later in the day, so they were really more like raised cavaletti. Still, it was a lot of fun getting to jump with Daddy!

I love jumping with Daddy!

I love jumping with Daddy!

Mommy even hopped on and jumped me over one tiny jump without stirrups – the stirrups were set to Daddy’s length, which she can’t even reach with her toes – because she said she got jealous seeing Daddy ride me when I was being so good and looking so handsome. Of course, she wasn’t really jealous… she just has a hard time going a single day without sitting on my back. She just loves me that much. 

After I was done with my workout, Mommy and Daddy groomed me and let me go out to the paddock with Leo. They gave me kisses and hugs and said goodbye, and then they were on their way.

I hung out with Leo all day, eating grass and napping in the sunshine. I really hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, though Mommy said it’s probably going to. If it doesn’t, I’ll be able to jump a little more with Mommy. If it does, though, I’ll be confined to one of those little paddocks – and you know how much I hate those little paddocks! So cross your hooves for me, friends… It’s worked before, let’s see if it will work again!

As for now, I’m off to hit the hay. Or, rather, the shavings. Sleep tight, everyone… Catch y’all tomorrow!

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