A relaxing day in the sunshine

Hi again, friends! I hope y’all had a wonderful day. My day was pretty awesome, if I do say so.

As you know, I had the day off today, since I had some pretty tough workouts, four days in a row. Mommy spent a lot of time with me this morning, just grooming me and hanging out… and then Leo and I got to go out into the paddock to eat some grass. To my surprise, Mommy came back a couple hours later with a chair, a soy chai latte, and her tiny computer! Leo and I went over to hang out in the shade with her while she did some work.

I was reading over Mommy's shoulder, while Leo stood guard over us.

I was reading over Mommy’s shoulder, while Leo stood guard over us.

After a while, we realized that it was kind of boring to watch Mommy work – especially because she didn’t have any food or treats to give to us – so we each gave her a kiss on the face and walked away to graze the paddock some more.

About a half hour later, I looked over at Mommy to make sure she was alright, and I saw that she was drinking her soy chai latte. I checked to make sure Leo wasn’t watching – I didn’t want him to get any ideas about following me – and I headed over to ask Mommy if I could have a sip or two.

Walking over to Mommy...

Mommy… Can I please have some?

Of course, Mommy gave me a few little sips and the rest of the ice cubes, and I gave her a big, wet kiss on the face to thank her. She laughed and kissed my nose.

But Leo heard me crunching on the ice, so he came over to see if there was anything he could eat! But Dr. Matthew said that Leo was way too fat, so Mommy told him he couldn’t have any treats… and I had already eaten all of the ice cubes!

Sorry, Leo... no treats for you!

Sorry, Leo… no treats for you!

He didn’t seem to mind, though, because he still gave Mommy another big kiss and we both walked away.

We hung out for a little while, and then Mommy put all of her stuff away at the barn. She came back down and got me out of the paddock. At first, I thought maybe she had forgotten that today was my day off – but then I realized she was bringing me in for a cool shower! It felt so good, especially because I got to stand in the sunshine and munch on hay while she showered me.

Mommy and I shared a special moment.

Sharing a moment with my Mommy...

Sharing a moment with my Mommy…

I got to go back out to the paddock with Leo afterward… and do you know what the first thing I did was?

I rolled, of course!

Rolling in the grass... It feels so good!

Rolling in the grass… It feels so good!

It’s not like I got very dirty or anything… it just felt good to scratch my body on the dry, crinkly grass.

Mommy and Daddy said goodbye, and I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Leo until Auntie Paulette and Uncle Mike brought us all in for dinner. Now, I’m just finishing up my dinner hay and watching the sky grow dark. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, because I really want to work!

Well, that’s about all I have to say for tonight… I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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