Jumping Day Extravaganza!

Okay, it wasn’t actually an extravaganza… But it was jumping day!

Yesterday, I had a fantastic – but very tough – flat workout. I know I didn’t tell you about it, since I wanted to tell you about my friend, Mapiya, but it was a lot of fun. After we went through the paces and warmed up in both directions, Mommy and I practiced our flying lead changes… only this time, it was way harder, because she wanted me to do multiple lead changes in a row. First, we practiced cantering down the long side and changing onto the wrong lead from the correct lead. Then, Mommy asked me to do a lead change every four strides down the long side… and afterward, I did the same thing down the middle, which was even harder! But I ended up doing a great job. I was exhausted!

Today, I was trying to be on my best behavior, because I saw Mommy adjust all of the jumps in the arena before she got me ready to ride. She made one large cross-rail for a warm-up jump, and then a 3 foot vertical, and then a 3’3 oxer.

After we finished our flatwork, we got right to it! I trotted and cantered the cross-rail a couple times each way until I was feeling nice and loose, and Mommy thought I was being responsive enough to move on to the little vertical. We hopped over that a couple times each way, and then moved on to the oxer.

Piece of cake!

Piece of cake!

Once we had  jumped the 3’3 oxer a few times, Daddy came over to raise all of the jumps for us. He turned the cross-rail into a 3’6 oxer, lifted the 3’3 oxer to about 3’9, and then raised the vertical up to 4 feet. We worked over those jumps a few times until I jumped them perfectly… and then Mommy told Daddy he could raise one of the oxers up to 4’3! I was so excited! We only jumped it once, but it was perfect! 

Woo hoo!! Jumping 4'3!

Woo hoo!! Jumping 4’3!

Mommy walked me for a long time before bringing me in to untack me, because I would have to go back into my stall for the night, and she didn’t want me to be too sore. As an extra precaution, she decided to spray my legs with linament and then wrap all of my legs with those big, fluffy pillow wraps. She and Daddy gave me a carrot and a peanut butter sandwich, a couple flakes of hay, and then said goodnight.

Now, it’s time for me to go eat my dinner grain! Have a good night, friends… and stay warm! Catch y’all tomorrow!

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