Make it count!

With weather like we’ve been having, it’s like I never know if I’m going to work or not. Although, when it’s sunny in the morning and the sky is almost free of clouds, there’s usually a pretty good chance that I’ll get to work that day.

Today was just such a day. Mommy came to ride me in the afternoon, probably to give the sun a chance to dry up some of the mud that all the “snow” made the past couple days. It was a little windy all day, too, so everything dried up fairly quickly.

Mommy and I had a long, strenuous flat workout today. Because I hadn’t worked in two days, Mommy said I definitely couldn’t jump today. It would be very bad for my body and it would make me pretty sore, at the very least. And if I didn’t have a good warm up, but still jumped, I could actually pull or tear a muscle – especially since my muscles felt stiff to begin with, after not being used much for two cold and snowy days! And, since I was extremely energetic, Mommy said I had to warm up really slow to loosen myself up, and work hard to let out my energy.

I have to admit, I started off feeling a little too silly to pay much attention. Every time Mommy tried to get on my back, I would begin to dance and prance as soon as she sat in the saddle. Needless to say, I didn’t get away with it; Mommy mounted and dismounted about 7 times. I was still feeling pretty cheeky until Uncle Mike’s son, DJ, came down the the barn from the house… and then I felt embarrassed that someone was watching me act naughty, so I behaved once and for all.

Mommy and I had a really good ride, but man was it difficult! After we walked for a while, we got right to work; I trotted for 10 minutes straight (stretching, and then doing all sorts of exercises once I was feeling loose and comfortable – things like collecting, extending, leg-yielding, and so on). I only got a short walking break before I began cantering. Mommy let me stretch out at the canter, too, before asking me to get down to the “real” work.

Wow, Mommy... this workout is TOUGH!

Wow, Mommy… this workout is TOUGH!

We cantered for another 8 minutes straight – switching directions with a lead change now and then – and then another short walking break to catch my breath.

After our quick break, Mommy and I did a million lead changes in the shape of a “serpentine” that spanned the entire arena. I did a really good job! Daddy even pulled a mint out of his pocket and gave it to me as a reward for behaving so nicely!

Even though I had a ton of energy, I behaved perfectly!

Even though I had a ton of energy, I behaved perfectly!

We took one last walking break while Daddy set up some cantering pole exercises. By that time, I was getting a little bit tired, but I was excited to canter over some poles. I did my best, and Mommy said that I was perfect over every pole. I even knew exactly when I was supposed to do a lead change, and did them without Mommy having to ask me.

It felt so great to work today after two days off!

It felt so great to work today after two days off!

By the end of our ride, I felt great. I was no longer exploding with energy, and I had worked enough that I was tired – but not so much that I was sore. It was the perfect ride. I think that Mommy might actually let me jump tomorrow, if I behave myself… and if the weather does, too!

For now, though, I’m going to go eat my night hay and catch some shut eye! See y’all tomorrow…

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