Another blustery jumping day

Well, friends, it’s been a while since I’ve written, and I’m sorry about that. It’s been cold and rainy the past few days, and I haven’t exactly been in the mood to write. You see, I was stuck in the little paddocks for the last two days, and you know how much I hate being in the little paddocks. I did get to go into the big back field with Leo today, though.

Yesterday, I got to see my friend, Mary. Remember my Mommy’s cousin? She came out a couple weeks ago to watch me jump.

Well, she came out again yesterday to watch me work and to spend time with Mommy. I didn’t jump yesterday – it was too cold, and I’d had the day before off – but I do love to see my friends! And I love showing off!

So, anyway, today was jumping day. I had a lot of energy… and the cold, windy weather was making me feel a little bit feisty! Mommy was planning on jumping me over the same half-course at about 3’6 or 3’9, but we only ended up jumping as high as 3’3 because I was just feeling too silly. I couldn’t help it! It’s not my fault!

We ended up having a really hard workout; Mommy made me collect my canter to all of the jumps, which is tough when they start getting higher than 3′ or so.

Weee! Jumping an oxer with Mommy!

Weee! Jumping an oxer with Mommy!

After a while, I decided to behave and try my hardest… and when I was done, Daddy gave me some of his peanut butter sandwich as a reward!  All in all, it was a pretty good day. Mommy said I have to work on more flatwork tomorrow, and if I’m absolutely perfect, I may get to jump again… and a little bit higher. But I guess we’ll see!

Alright, friends. I’m off to eat my hay. Stay warm tonight! Catch y’all tomorrow.

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