Look, Ma! No hands!

Today was a beautiful day. Mommy spent a long time grooming on me this morning, and then I got to go out into the big field with Leo. It was sunny and warm…  just perfect.

I love days like today!

I love days like today!

Later in the day it got cloudy, but it was still very warm. Mommy said it was 63 degrees. We had a really good workout today, too. Mommy wanted me to have a day of “stretching” since I worked so hard yesterday, and I was a little bit sore (mostly my butt muscles). She said she wasn’t going to touch my mouth, and she was going to let me stretch however I wanted to – as long as I listened to her about how fast to go and all that.

Well, what I didn’t realize was that, when Mommy said she wasn’t going to touch my mouth, she meant it literally. She actually tied the reins in a knot and laid them on my neck, directing me with her seat and her leg. And I was perfect! It was a lot of fun. We did circles, lots of transitions – walk, trot, canter, trot, walk, etc – and some flying lead changes. Mommy didn’t touch the reins the entire ride! It was a pretty tough workout, too, even though I was just stretching and we only worked for about a half hour. But I was pretty sweaty by the time we finished.

So, since it was still about 63 degrees – according to Mommy – she actually gave me a warm shower! It felt so good that I even stuck my face under the hose and made Mommy laugh!

After my shower, Mommy and I walked all the way around the outside of the arena and I got to eat what little grass I could find. It was mostly dead or brown, but we did find a few good patches – and I even found some clover! I ate that up as quickly as I could. I love clover! It’s my favorite. I also saw a ladybug.

Look at that little thing!

Look at that little thing!

After a half hour, I was dry; at that point, Mommy decided that I could go home to eat my dinner hay, and wait for uncle Mike to come back down and give us all our grain. It was a really good day, and I can’t wait to see what we’re doing tomorrow.

Alright friends. I’m hitting the hay. No, I mean my night hay. I’m starving! Catch y’all tomorrow…

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