A difficult workout

Well, today’s workout was pretty tough. As soon as I had warmed up and done some good flatwork, Mommy started having me trot over little 2′ tall jumps. She wanted me to push off hard enough with my hind end that I would land cantering, and as easy as it may sound, it was actually very hard! It’s not that the jumps were big – obviously – in fact, I could have stepped over them at a walk. It was just the fact that Mommy was making me do a really hard workout with only short walking breaks in between each exercise, and my muscles were getting tired. I mean, I know she wants to get my butt muscles stronger for jumping, but man is it hard work! And I thought I was in good shape.

Mommy let me gallop a couple times, but only because she wanted to have me work on coming right back to her, going right into a collected canter if I was asked. Daddy even hopped on me for a minute to canter me around and do a couple lead changes. I was pretty sweaty by the end of our workout!

Galloping with Mommy down the long side of the arena!

Galloping with Mommy down the long side of the arena!

Of course, Mommy would never put me away sweaty, so she spent 45 minutes grooming me and making me shiny and clean. She used the curry comb on my saddle marks, which I hate! But she just kept currying and brushing until I was dry, clean, free of sweat and very shiny and soft! I have to admit, after a while it did feel rather nice. Especially when I got to go into my stall to eat my hay and wait for my dinner grain! Mommy and Daddy even hung out with me until it was time for me to eat, and then Mommy gave me some extra carrots in my dinner.

I’m exhausted, but it was a good day. Mommy said that we’re going to have a nice, easy workout tomorrow, since I worked for a solid hour today. Tomorrow will be about stretching and loosening up my sore muscles, to give them a chance to repair themselves and get really strong. Mommy believes that getting enough days off is just as important as working out really hard. She said she doesn’t want my joints to wear down from too much repetitive workouts without time off in between, and she doesn’t want to fatigue my muscles, either. And you know my Mommy… she always seems to know best.

Well, I’m going to go eat my night hay and then hit the hay. I’m completely beat! Catch y’all tomorrow.

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