All’s well that ends well

You’re not going to believe what happened today.


It started out just like any other day. Mommy groomed me in the morning and turned me out. I hung out with Leo all day eating grass and enjoying the warm sunshine. I had the day off, but in the late afternoon when it was time to come in, Mommy hopped on me bareback – with only my halter and lead rope – and let me stretch my legs in the arena. We just trotted and cantered a little, and then did a couple lead changes. Of course, I was perfect. And we were just having a little fun, anyway.

Then, as I was in my stall eating my hay before it was time for dinner grain, something happened.

You see, apparently, when Isis was done working earlier today, her little girl put her back into the paddock… but didn’t latch the gate properly. No one noticed, because it was closed; it just wasn’t latched. 

Well, no one except Jube Jube noticed. As Uncle Mike went walking down the pathway toward the big field in the back to go and bring Leo in, Jube Jube waited for the opportune moment – when Uncle Mike had passed their paddock and had his back facing them – and then, Jubey made a run for it! He nudged the gate open with his nose and took off. Jelly Bean followed, and then Isis came out as well.



I couldn’t believe my eyes!! I lunged forward and almost broke through my stall guard. I needed to go join them! Then, as Mommy and Daddy ran in opposite directions to wrangle those three up, I heard Mommy yell to Daddy, “CLOSE ICCHY’S STALL DOOR!” He came running over to do just that… And if he hadn’t, I probably would have broken out of my stall. Mommy grabbed Isis rather easily (because Isis just ate grass and waited for her to come over) and then Mommy ran her over to her stall as Jube Jube and Jelly Bean continued their gallop around the property. As Mommy put Isis away, the minis ran toward the barn from the other direction. We all thought they were heading for their stall, but then Jube Jube turned toward the road that leads up to the driveway… and they were off!

Mommy yelled to Daddy, “GO GET THE QUAD!” and then she ran as fast as she could up the hill to the driveway, carrying my halter and lead rope!

Mommy and Daddy hopped on the quad and raced down the driveway and into the street, where Jelly Bean was following Jube Jube at a flat out gallop! Jube Jube was in the lead, obviously – he’s the troublemaker – but Jelly was keeping up quite well. In fact, none of us have ever seen her run so fast. Jube Jube was not stopping.

Mommy and Daddy caught up to the minis to head them off with the quad, and as they did so, the minis turned and ran into the yard of a neighbor. The neighbor came out to see Mommy and Daddy on the quad in their driveway – with Jubey and Jelly running around in his backyard (which wasn’t fenced in) – and he said to them, “I don’t want those horses on my lawn! Get them off the grass!” Mommy gave the man a funny look and said that the minis had escaped, and that they were trying to catch them. The man’s reply was, “Oh… I just thought you guys were taking them out for a run.”

(Yeah, we often take a mini pony and a mini donkey out for a little gallop through the neighborhood. You know, like dogs.)

Anyway, Daddy drove the quad down to where the minis were, but before he could even get near them, they turned and galloped back up the man’s driveway and onto the road again. Luckily, that time Daddy was able to head them off in the direction toward home. I saw Auntie Paulette come running out of the house and jump into her truck. She sped down the driveway just in time to see the two minis – and two humans on a quad – come speeding toward her. Thinking quickly, she used her truck to block off the little private road (where Mommy and I like to walk sometimes), and then she jumped out and helped to “shoo” Jelly and Jubey back toward home. They were still galloping though, and there wasn’t a chance that anyone was going to get near enough to catch them. Daddy and Mommy were able to head them back down the hill toward the barn by blocking their pathway with the quad when they tried to turn back toward the street again. They ran down to the barn, where Uncle Mike was standing with carrots, just in case, and Mommy and Daddy both hopped off the quad and shooed them into their stall.

Mommy told Isis’s little rider what happened – that she had accidentally left the gate open, which gave them an opportunity to escape – and told her that she needed to walk Jelly Bean and Jube Jube to cool them down. Sure enough, those minis were breathing hard and heavy! But they were very proud of themselves.

Well, at least Jube Jube was. Jelly Bean looked a little ashamed of herself.

Anyway, they were both fine – no cuts or scrapes, and they walked until they were cool and calm. But boy, did they have the rest of us all in a panic! I’m sure glad Mommy and Daddy were able to get them back to the barn before they made it all the way to that big road down there at the end of our street. People drive really fast on that road, and it could have been a disaster!

But, in the words of a very famous human poet – all’s well that ends well.

And with that, friends, I’m going to bed. Catch y’all tomorrow!

Before any of the excitement happened...

Before any of the excitement happened…

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