Candy Coated

You know, I just have to talk a little bit about my Mommy. I mean, I talk about her all the time, but I realized again today how much I love her – and how much she loves me.

Okay, to start at the beginning, I may have done a little bit of rolling in the mud today. In fact, when my Mommy got to the barn, it was like I had a hard shell on my body. Yes… I really was that muddy.

Uhh... Sorry, Mommy.

Uhh… Sorry, Mommy.

So, needless to say… I got a warm shower before my workout. Mommy and Daddy both tried to curry comb me – Mommy even got out to dreaded metal curry – but it was to no avail. It’s just a good thing it was so warm today.

Well, then again, if it had been colder today, I would have probably been wearing my blanket… and then I wouldn’t have been muddy.

Anyway, it only took me about a half hour to dry because it was warm, sunny, and windy outside. But when I got to work, I got right down to work. I was feeling really, really good. I did everything my Mommy asked me with absolute ease and perfection, and I did my best to let her know that I was feeling loose and agile and that I really wanted to jump again today. I lifted my knees as high as I could while I cantered, and when we were practicing our leg yields, I leg yielded a little extra so I was lined right up with the jump. Then, I put my ears forward and locked on, so Mommy would know without a doubt what I wanted to do.

I think she caught on pretty quickly, because once we were all warmed up and had done some dressage, Mommy started warming me up over fences! We took it really slow, and didn’t do too many jumps, but we ended up jumping everything we did yesterday – just one at a time, without doing another half-course. I did really well! Daddy even said that I’m starting to kick out my back legs on the landing, just to make sure I don’t hit the jump with the tip of my toe on the way down.

There is no way I'll be hitting these jumps!

There is no way I’ll be hitting these jumps!

After we jumped a few times over each jump – and once over the big oxer – Mommy told me I could be done. We walked for a long time, and Mommy kept telling me how well I did and what a good boy I am. And, luckily, it was still early in the day and very warm, so I got to have another quick shower to wash off all the sweat I worked up during my workout! Mommy put me back out into the paddock with Leo, and I decided not to roll again, even though I was tempted. I didn’t want Mommy to get any new ideas about that metal curry…

I get to have the day off tomorrow, but Daddy said he might get on me and work me a little, just to stretch my legs. Which is good, because I’ll probably be a little sore from working so hard on my new training schedule. But for now, I’m heading to bed. I really need to get some good sleep tonight, because I am exhausted. 

G’night, friends! IMG_4410

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One thought on “Candy Coated

  1. holy, that muddy roll must have felt so good!!

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