Moving on up!

Well, friends, I just have to say that today was pretty awesome. I know I didn’t talk much yesterday about my workout because I wanted to tell you Mapiya’s story, but Mommy and I had a really good ride yesterday. We worked on a lot of flatwork – you know, dressage – and then I got to hop over a few tiny jumps that were set to, like, “raised cavaletti” height. But we did some really sharp turns, and Mommy told me I was going to jump bigger today.

Of course, she kept her word. It was pretty chilly today, so we warmed up slow. Daddy had arranged 4 jumps in the arena, like a little half course, and Mommy set them to different heights so I could warm up gradually over each jump. Then, when we were warmed up, Daddy came in and raised them all up for us. Eventually, we had a half course with one vertical at at 3’6, one vertical at 4′, one oxer at 4′ and another oxer at 4’6. It was so much fun! I did a great job, too! It’s not even difficult for me to jump over fences that are only 4′ high. Seriously, it’s a piece of cake.

Here’s a photo of me jumping 4’6, so you can see how easy I make it look! I’m even posing in the air, see that?

I really love my job!

I really love my job!

It’s raining really hard right now – we actually all came in a little early today because it began pouring – and it’s supposed to rain all night, so I’m assuming that I have the day off tomorrow. Mommy wanted to do more flatwork, but I don’t mind having a day off if the weather and the ground is too wet. I mean, I did work really hard today. Mommy sure wasn’t kidding when she said that I’ve entered the “big leagues!”

Anyway, I’m going to go munch on some hay and listen to the rain. It’s kind of relaxing, as long as there’s no thunder or anything. I hope y’all have a nice night, and stay dry!

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