Mapiya’s Story

Friends, although I had a great ride today – and a nice time laying down in the field with my Daddy – I have something much more important to talk about tonight.

I know you all remember my girlfriend, Brooke. Well, Brooke has a rescued Quarter Horse who is just a little younger than me. Her name is Mapiya, which is Sioux for “Heaven.” Mapiya is a beautiful, naturally talented little horse who loves life and, just as I do, loves to work. Unfortunately, right now, she isn’t able to work because she’s lame. Now, her lameness isn’t permanent… but it could become permanent if something isn’t done about it. You see, Mapiya has a bone chip in her ankle, and it causes her a lot of pain when she works, which means that she’s pretty much stuck in her paddock all of the time. Of course, her Mommy – my girlfriend – goes to see her all the time and loves her and takes her for walks and things like that… but my girlfriend can’t afford the surgery yet. She’s been saving up her money (I told her we would wait to get married until after Mapiya gets her surgery), but the surgery is expensive, and she doesn’t know how long it will take her to finish saving up the funds.

So, my girlfriend has set up a fund where she is receiving donations to try to help cover Mapiya’s surgery. If you have some time, click on the photo below to read Mapiya’s story – in her own words – and if you can spare a little change, please make a donation. Even the smallest amount helps. But seriously, read her story. It’ll make you cry. She was a rescue… just like me, but in a completely different way.

Click on the photo to read Mapiya's story, in her own words.

Click on the photo to read Mapiya’s story, in her own words.

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4 thoughts on “Mapiya’s Story

  1. James

    I Love this horse. To watch him grow, learn, train, and become what is slowly becoming is one of the greatest joys and shared accomplishments of my life. Absolutely Amazing!!!

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