An entirely new chapter

Well, just as I promised, here is the “helmet-cam” video that my Mommy took yesterday when we jumped FIVE FEET HIGH for the first time ever!

Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, I thought so, too. Mommy said she thinks it would be cool to be a horse for a day, just to see what it feels like. Maybe one day I can take a video from my perspective, so she can see what I see – just like I was able to see what she saw when she was riding me yesterday!

Today was a beautiful day; it was sunny and warm with a cool wind, and I had the entire day to relax and hang out with my best friend, Leo. Yesterday, Leo pulled off one of his shoes, so the farrier came today to put it back on for him. When Daddy and the farrier came out into the big field to find the shoe and get Leo, I realized that it was my farrier, John! Of course, I had to go over and say hello to him. He told me that he heard about my amazing day yesterday, and that he was very impressed. That made me feel great! I really like my farrier, John. He’s the best farrier in the world.

I was still feeling very proud of myself today, and Mommy told me that I had every right to feel that way. She told me that I’m the most amazing jumper in the world, and that she knows we will make it to the top together. I told her that the only reason I’ve made it so far is because she and Daddy love me so much. I mean, really, without their love and friendship and encouragement, I wouldn’t feel nearly as confident as I do to attempt any of these things. And – obviously – without Mommy’s strict training schedule and thousands of rules, I would not be fit enough to jump five feet high at the young age of five-years-and-eleven-months.

My Mommy loves me like no one else in the world! Well... except my Daddy.

My Mommy loves me like no one else in the world! Well… except my Daddy.

Anyway, I can’t wait to work again tomorrow. I did enjoy my day off today, but now that I’m a “serious” jumper, I’m looking forward to working like I never have before.

I have a feeling that this is the beginning of an entirely new chapter in my life…

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