Over the Moon!

That’s right, friends. Right now, I am OVER THE MOON with happiness! Why, you ask?


Okay, obviously I don’t mean that literally. But today, I didn’t only break my own height record; I jumped into a whole new level of existence. Today, my Mommy and I jumped FIVE FEET HIGH!

Jumping five feet high with my Mommy!

Jumping five feet high with my Mommy!

The best part about the day was that I actually had an audience! So many people came out to watch me and cheer me on! There was my Mommy’s cousin, Jeanne, and Jeanne’s husband, David; my girlfriend, Brooke, and two of her friends, Stephanie and Wags; Danyssa, one of my Mommy’s friends (and former horseback riding student) and Danyssa’s Mommy, Brandy… and of course, there was also my Daddy.

Everyone was really impressed with me and really excited to watch me jump! I tried my hardest for them because I knew that they were all there for me… It was the most amazing feeling. When I was finished, everyone even gave me my favorite treat in the whole world… MARSHMALLOWS!

Jumping five feet high was a lot of fun. I have to say, though, it wasn’t that much harder than jumping 4’6. Mommy said that we don’t have that much higher until we’re jumping at the height of the Grand Prix! That sounds so exciting to me! But first, I’ll have to practice jumping courses a lot more. You see, Mommy wants me to be jumping four foot high courses by the end of the month… in less than two weeks! But now that I’ve jumped five feet, four feet just seems like another warm up jump to me! Bring on the BIG jumps!

Oh, do you want to see a video of me jumping five feet today? Here it is:

Oh, also, Mommy’s friend Danyssa brought a little video camera, and she actually mounted it to Mommy’s helmet! I’ll post the video tomorrow; it’s really cool, it’s just taking a long time to upload. I’ve never seen myself jumping through the “eyes” of my Mommy while she’s riding me! It was actually kind of funny to see what it looked like from Mommy’s perspective; I am used to seeing what it looks like from the ground, since Daddy video tapes us all the time, but this was something completely different!

So, after I was all done and cooled down, Mommy put liniment and poultice on my legs (all the way up to my knees and hocks), and then she wrapped them in those big, fluffy pillow wraps. Mommy, Daddy, Stephanie, Wags, and my girlfriend, Brooke, all hung out with me and groomed on me and praised me and pet me and talked about how amazing I am. It felt really good to have so many people fawning over me. You know how I love attention! Daddy even polished my hooves for me again. I was definitely the star of the show today…. Just the way I like it!!

After I was all wrapped up and had eaten as many marshmallows as my Mommy would allow, she put me in my stall with a bunch of hay. When I was finished with my hay, I even got my dinner grain right away! Oh, but don’t worry; it had already been almost 2 hours since I’d finished working. You know my Mommy would never let me eat too soon and risk getting colic! After all, I am her pride and joy.

Alright, friends. I just got my hay for night check, and Auntie Paulette put on my green blanket. We snuggled for a little while – I love my Auntie – and now I’m feeling sleepy and cozy warm. So I’m going to go eat some hay, and then I’m heading to bed. It’s been a big, exciting day, and I’m exhausted! I’ll be sure to post that “helmet-cam” video tomorrow so you can all see it, too, and feel like you’re riding the jump with me! Sleep tight, friends… Catch y’all tomorrow!

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10 thoughts on “Over the Moon!

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