I admit it… I love showing off!

Yesterday was a GREAT day! I made a new friend, and I even got to jump a little bit!

Remember when I told you that my Mommy’s cousin, Mary, was coming out to meet me and watch me jump? Well, she stopped by and it was so cool to meet another new friend! Mary was a little shy at first, since she’d had some bad experiences with horses when she was younger. Because of that, I tried to be very gentle and move slowly so as not to frighten her. I stood as still as I could while she pet me, and gave her as much time as she needed to get used to me.

Even though Mary was a little bit shy, she still told me multiple times how beautiful and awesome I am. That made me like her even more! I did my best to show off for her, and I was on my best behavior! Mommy even let me gallop a couple times, because she knows how much I love to show off!

Behaving perfectly for Mommy!

Behaving perfectly for Mommy!

After we warmed up and did some lead changes, Mommy said that we could jump a little. I was excited to jump because I really wanted to show off some more for Mary, but Mommy said that the reason I needed to work over fences a little is because tomorrow, Sunday, is the BIG DAY! We’re going for another high jump record tomorrow!

We warmed up over a little oxer a few times in each direction, and Mary was really impressed. I was so pleased with myself! I really do love showing off…

Jumping the oxer!

Jumping the oxer!

After that, I went on to jump the line. Remember the line? It was a bounce to a one-stride to a two-stride. The first time I jumped it, I was going too slow, and I actually put one stride in the middle ofthe bounce! Mommy and Daddy laughed and told me I was amazing, and then we started over. I jumped the line a few times until I got it perfect – I had to be moving a little faster, with a bigger stride to get it right – and then Mommy said that I could be done. Mary came over to tell me what a great job I had done. I love her so much!

Mommy and me with my new friend, Mary!

Mommy and me with my new friend, Mary!

After we were finished, I got to go back out into the field to hang out with Leo. Mommy said that we will be doing flatwork today – probably more dressage – and then tomorrow, we get to go for the record! I’m so excited! I love jumping, and I really love my life.

Alright, friends. That’s all I have for today… Daddy threw some hay out in the field for Leo and me, so I’m going to go get some before Leo eats it all. I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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